Make Better Decisions for your Agency with Improved CRM Capabilities in Deltek WorkBook

October 04, 2023
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Improve CRM Capabilities with Deltek WorkBook

Revenue forecasting is a crucial component of managing a mature and successful advertising agency. While there are a number of elements that impact your ability to accurately forecast expected revenue, if you’re not tracking the value of incoming opportunities, you’re missing a huge piece of the picture. The potential revenue you might earn from participating in a pitch should be included in your calculations of expected revenue, but not before being weighed by the potential of winning the business and the costs you might incur to get there.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software built specifically for the needs of advertising agencies like Deltek WorkBook’s CRM module takes the effort out of making that calculation for every potential opportunity in the pipeline. By tracking the probability, value and cost of every opportunity, you can get a clear picture of forecasted revenue and can make better decisions regarding what work is truly worth pursuing.

WorkBook’s latest release includes improvements to the CRM module that help you get a deeper look at the balance of revenue and costs associated with potential opportunities.

In addition, this release includes enhancements to WorkBook’s Scrum board, a new report and user experience updates that show our commitment to delivering on customer requests.

Highlights of WorkBook 13.4:

CRM Updates 

  • By introducing the ability to show a more detailed split of gross revenue and costs on Pipelines, users can better understand the return from the opportunity and can make better decisions as to whether it is worth pursuing.
  • Pipeline details

  • In addition, there are now new columns on the Pipeline Details tab which enable users to view revenue and cost figures for both the original Pipeline as well as the Price quote after converting the Pipeline to a Job.
  • The Billing plan has also been updated to reflect gross revenue instead of net revenue, which provides greater transparency to improve forecasting and help make better decisions.

Support for Agencies Using Agile Processes

As part of a phased introduction of functionality to better support agencies that use Agile methodologies, version 13.4 enables customers to streamline the prioritization process by allowing users to add “effort” to Tasks and giving them the ability to rank them on the Scrum board or Sprint overview through drag-and-drop functionality.

WorkBook 13.4 Scrum Effort Ranking

Job Reconciliation Report

In direct response to customer requests, version 13.4 introduces the Job Reconciliation Report that provides users a complete overview of the financial status of a job within a single report.

User Experience Updates

Version 13.4 includes several enhancements to WorkBook’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) including the ability for System Administrators to include additional gender terms when setting up employee profiles and updates to the Text editor for Tickets, Tasks and Job briefings that makes creating and managing text throughout the system more user-friendly and efficient.

Support for the Danish Bookkeeping Act

To support WorkBook customers in Denmark, version 13.4 enables users to comply with the Danish Bookkeeping Act through an integration with Pagero which allows customers to send and receive e-invoices in the Danish e-invoice format.


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