Streamlining Success: How Unionpoint Empowers Maconomy Users

July 26, 2023
How Unionpoint Empowers Enterprise ERP Maconomy Users

Deltek ERP software has consistently provided a comprehensive platform for managing projects, personnel, clients, and finances with utmost transparency. However, the likelihood that a stand-alone solution can deliver on every aspect of your organization’s digital strategy is minimal.

Your professional services firm most likely needs to leverage additional software solutions as part of a multi-tiered tech stack to support your unique industry needs. To avoid the hassle and cost of using disparate systems, you need to find a strategic and cost-effective way to integrate them all into a unified ecosystem. By enhancing your tech stack with additional functionality from additional Deltek’s cloud integration solutions or third-party applications, you can build a best-of-breed architecture that supports your firm’s unique requirements while avoiding the financial burden and technical expertise typically required to develop bespoke solutions from scratch.

Deltek understands this and has invested in a composable ERP strategy leveraging Deltek Unionpoint as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution. The Unionpoint platform gives citizen integrators the power to create seamless connections to a vast range of applications that our customers need at low cost, with low code.

In the first of this blog series, you’ll learn how the Unionpoint platform enhances the capabilities of Deltek products to serve the specific needs of its customers.

Deltek Maconomy ERP and Unionpoint Integration

Deltek Maconomy now includes a product connector for Unionpoint that accelerates the integration process. The new Maconomy connector simplifies the authentication process and provides the ability to listen for changes to data in Maconomy and retrieve, update, and create data, which accelerates the creation or customization of integrations ─ speeding up the time between an idea for an integration and the execution. Deltek customers now have the power to make Maconomy the cornerstone of their technology ecosystem and connect it to other industry specific Deltek products and between other best-of-breed solutions.

Nine Ways Unionpoint Integration Enhances Your Maconomy Solution:

  1. Streamlined processes: Prioritizing automation has become increasingly important for business success. A fully integrated technology ecosystem that has an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as the cornerstone, enables seamless data flow and process automation across different systems, departments and functions within the organization. This streamlines processes, eliminates silos and bottlenecks and reduces manual effort.
  2. Enhanced data management, data consistency and accuracy: Universal integration facilitates data synchronization and consistency across various systems. This ensures accurate and reliable data for reporting, analytics, and decision-making, providing a single source of truth and improving data management practices.
  3. Improved collaboration and communication: Integrating systems with Unionpoint promotes better collaboration and communication among teams, departments and external stakeholders. This is especially important for enterprise-sized architecture and engineering (A&E) firms that collaborate with clients, contractors and subcontractors across the globe throughout the course of a project. Information sharing becomes easier, allowing for increased coordination and a more unified approach to projects and client engagements.
  4. Scalability and adaptability: As your firm grows and takes on more or larger projects, pervasive connectivity offers scalability and adaptability. It enables seamless integration of new systems, applications, or technologies as the organization expands, ensuring flexibility and the ability to meet evolving business needs without disrupting existing operations.
  5. Enhanced client service and project management: A fully integrated technology ecosystem enables a holistic view of client data and project information. This improves client service delivery and customer experience, facilitates better project management, and enhances the ability to build stronger customer relationships.
  6. Data security and compliance: By reducing the number of access points to operational data, a wholly integrated solution simplifies the security management process which allows you to better protect your clients’ data and privacy, while supporting you to follow compliance and regulatory requirements. This is particularly important in industries like accounting and consulting, where client data and confidentiality are paramount.
  7. Cost savings and ROI: Implementing Unionpoint can lead to cost savings by reducing duplication of efforts, eliminating manual errors, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall operational efficiency. The return on investment (ROI) can be substantial as an integrated tech ecosystem streamlines processes and enables organizations to maximize the value of their technology investments.
  8. Refocused IT resources on mission-critical work: Unionpoint is simple enough to support your citizen integrators but powerful enough to support advanced integrations and functionality. When stakeholders from other departments can build their own integrations or customize pre-built integrations without needing a developer, your IT resources can refocus their valuable time on larger strategic initiatives.

In summary, employing Deltek Unionpoint to integrate Maconomy and your entire technology ecosystem can bring significant benefits, including streamlined processes, improved data management, enhanced collaboration, scalability, better client service, data security, and cost savings. It empowers enterprise consulting, accounting and A&E firms to optimize their tech strategy and drive efficiency and growth in their respective industries.

While firms of all sizes may face challenges employing pervasive connectivity, the scale, complexity, and organizational dynamics of enterprise-sized companies magnify these challenges. Overcoming these hurdles requires comprehensive planning, strong project management, collaboration among stakeholders, and a strategic approach to ensure successful integration of their tech stack.


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