3 Ways Deltek Maconomy Drives Profitability for Project-Based Businesses of All Sizes

January 20, 2023

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Whether your business employs five people or 500, it can benefit from specialized project-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. With an ERP designed around the needs of project delivery, firms can more easily meet business objectives, deliver value and react to market changes.

Project-based ERPs, like Deltek Maconomy, are specifically designed to support professional services businesses like yours. We’ve put together a short guide, Project-Based ERP for Small, Growing and Global Businesses, that shows the full value a project-based ERP can bring to firms of all sizes.

What is a Project-Based ERP? And What Benefits Does It Bring?

Organizations across all industries use ERP solutions to support accounting, resource planning, compliance and more.

But many ERP tools aren’t built to support the volume and pace of projects handled by professional services firms. This might explain why, despite 94.7% of professional services firms using a Corporate Financial Management or ERP solution, firms score their satisfaction with their ERP as just 3.85 out of five. That’s the second-lowest satisfaction score recorded across all classes of enterprise application.

At Deltek, we’ve been working with project-based businesses of all sizes for almost 40 years – and have built ERP solutions with the needs of project-based businesses in mind.

Deltek Maconomy provides all the tools professional services firms need to manage projects, people, clients and finances in one central location – giving you the ability to make better, more informed decisions about the future of your business. And it’s available on-premises and in the cloud, so you can integrate with your existing architecture, wherever it is.


“Having our ERP hosted in the cloud allows us to have everything on a single platform. We use it across projects, finance, parts of the HR system, CRM and we can continually improve and add features to it.”

– Darren Russell, Chief Digital Officer, Mott MacDonald


Plus, Deltek Maconomy is designed to grow alongside your business – and support both the biggest and smallest professional services organizations.


Drive Business Value with Deltek Maconomy

Deltek Maconomy, benefits small businesses, growing companies and large enterprises alike.



Deltek Maconomy Benefits SMEs and Larger Organizations

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to power their growth, Deltek Maconomy can help them precisely manage their projects, so they can make more informed decisions into the future.

Deltek Maconomy is designed to help SMEs:

  • Gain total visibility into clients, projects, profitability and more
  • Achieve better financial control with more efficient processes
  • Improve project delivery and profitability
  • Gain a single source of truth to support your business as it grows

“It’s already made life at Bioneer a lot easier. We can plan ahead better–and get faster, more accurate reporting. Within a few minutes, I can get an overview of our monthly financials and forecasts. Invoices can be generated straight from the system, reducing the amount of paper processes. And we can extract more meaningful insights from our data.”

– Lars Pedersen, CEO, Bioneer


And because Deltek Maconomy is designed to scale with organizations and their growing needs, it has the capabilities to benefit larger organizations too.

By providing increased operational efficiency, business process automation, enhanced visibility and better project management, Deltek Maconomy enables large organizations to meet their wider business objectives – while ensuring security and simplifying regulatory compliance.

Deltek Maconomy helps larger organizations:

  • Get complete transparency through an integrated platform
  • Achieve total control, agility and automation
  • Streamline global scalability and compliance into the future
  • Gain quick time to value with a rapid set-up and virtual implementation

“The transparency offered by Deltek ERP has helped our leadership team steer the business to be much more efficient–we meet every week to align the strategic targets we want to achieve together.”

– Mark Fandre, Head of Global Operations, Serviceplan Group


3 Ways Deltek Maconomy Drives Business Value

Deltek Maconomy empowers all kinds of project-based organizations to deliver value:

1. Win and grow revenue

With full insight into your client and project performance, and opportunity management into incoming work, you can make better, more accurate decisions to support revenue growth.

Plus, you’ll never lose sight of your margins again thanks to interactive, customizable dashboards that offer a full overview of pipeline and revenue.

2. Increase utilization

It’s easy to increase utilization when your opportunities and signed work feed directly into full resource overviews.

And with dedicated reports that show actual performed utilization, you can benefit from short- and long-term views of your capacity.

3. Improve project profitability

Firms of all sizes can benefit from an ERP that enhances profitability across all projects. With a full overview of project performance at all levels, it’s easier to spot new opportunities to drive revenue or streamline resources.

And your firm can also benefit from integrating project management with finance, enabling simpler revenue recognition and month-end processes.

Learn More About Deltek Maconomy

If you’d like to explore more about how Deltek Maconomy can drive value in your business, get the guide Project-Based ERP for Small, Growing and Global Businesses.


Get Full Visibility of Your Projects and Financials to Increase Profitability

Find out how Deltek Maconomy helps professional services firms power their project success.