Qarbon Aerospace Completes Its Enterprise-Wide Business Systems Transformation with Deltek and TIP Technologies

Within 10 months of Project Bulldozer kick off, Qarbon Aerospace announces it has successfully achieved its target go-live date moving its business systems from SAP to Deltek

Herndon, VA – May 13, 2022 – Deltek the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, and Qarbon Aerospace have successfully completed the enterprise-wide business systems transformation from Qarbon Aerospace’s legacy solution SAP to Deltek Costpoint. After selecting Deltek and its Marketplace partner TIP Technologies in 2021, Qarbon Aerospace launched ‘Project Bulldozer’ in July, with the highly ambitious goal of transforming its entire IT infrastructure and business systems prior to the company’s first anniversary. Qarbon Aerospace announced that it has successfully achieved the target ‘go live’ date, crediting the talented and disciplined firms that collaborated on the project.

“The success of this project is a direct result of outstanding teamwork, the coming together of the best talent in the business, a highly disciplined project management plan and a work ethic and commitment from the combined team that will never be surpassed. Congratulations and thank you to the Qarbon Aerospace team, and our partners including Deltek and TIP Technologies. This is an outstanding accomplishment that could only be achieved by a world-class group of people,” commented Pete Wick, CEO of Qarbon Aerospace.

With Deltek, Qarbon Aerospace has a proven partner and single vendor providing accounting, finance, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and cybersecurity – along with its compliance needs. Purpose-built for government contractors and A&D manufacturing firms, Deltek Costpoint allows Qarbon Aerospace to manage its mission critical programs and projects from opportunity to contracts and subcontracts through material planning, production and customer invoicing.

Qarbon Aerospace has implemented the Deltek Costpoint GovCon Cloud Moderate (GCCM) offering to support FedRAMP Moderate, ITAR and Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) Level 2 requirements. In addition, it has integrated TIPQA and TIPSFE with its Costpoint Shop Floor Time and Costpoint ERP solution to meet complex composite manufacturing requirements.

“The collaboration on this project was evident from the start and we couldn’t be more proud of how our teams came together to get this implementation across the finish line. The Deltek team is thrilled to support Qarbon Aerospace’s digital transformation efforts and we look forward to partnering with them as they grow their business,” said Mike Corkery, Deltek’s President & CEO.

As part of the collaboration between Qarbon Aerospace and Deltek, TIP Technologies – a Deltek Marketplace partner – played a key role in the technical infrastructure overhaul. Its TIPQA Quality Management Solution and TIPSFE Shop Floor Execution Solution seamlessly integrate with Deltek Costpoint giving Qarbon Aerospace the ability to manage quality and compliance, while driving down manufacturing delivery times in a paperless environment.

“The advanced quality features of the TIPQA Quality Management solution will help Qarbon Aerospace set its products apart from the competition,” stated Ron Dolan, President, TIP Technologies. “With full visibility into shop floor operations and seamless integration to Deltek Costpoint, Qarbon Aerospace can detect risk early to reduce the cost of quality. The costs and consumption of Qarbon Aerospace’s temperature-sensitive carbon components can be controlled to ensure they remain in their intended state during the manufacturing process.”

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