Five Lessons Learned From Landscape Architecture Firm Aspect Studios' Successful ERP Implementation

Posted by Guest Blog on November 12, 2020

TwitterTweet it:'The goal was to ensure that everybody understood that an ERP is an intuitive tool that would empower them as users’

ASPECT Studios is an Australian-based business with an award winning record of industry-leading projects. The firm is internationally recognised as a company with the capability to deliver creative and sustainable urban projects in Australia, China, and the Middle East.

To assist design firms looking to deploy an ERP solution successfully, we asked ASPECT Studios’ founder and Chairman of the Board, Chris Razzell, to share his tips on how to select and implement an ERP system and, how to maximise return-on-investment.

Future-Proof Your Business

A few years ago, following our initial evaluation process, we felt as a business we weren’t mature enough to move to a full blown ERP system. However, experiencing high growth and international expansion, we quickly outgrew our existing project management tools, and it became clear that we needed to move more urgently. Fortunately, this didn’t have any negative consequences on our business and we embraced the new technology.

Engage Your End-Users In The Process

Our leadership team worked closely with people in critical business functions, such as HR and commerce, within each of our studios. The team who chose the system are actually those most connected to it, the ones who are working with it, not necessarily the shareholders or directors.  We had people who were going to interact with the system take part in the steering group and they also ran the review and selection process.

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Focus On ROI

Companies in the process of selecting an ERP solution will often look at the costs associated with such a move. A critical component of the decision-making process for us, was the ability to prove a strong return on investment and see tangible results.  We looked very carefully at the ROI and presented these numbers to our board.  We were able to see a very healthy and strong outcome.

Embrace CHANGE

Between the time we first considered moving to an ERP solution and the move to Deltek Vantagepoint, we had an education period where we brought a different level of knowledge to our staff. The goal was to ensure that everybody understood that an ERP is an intuitive tool that would empower them as users, rather than another system to monitor and manage them.

Partner with Your Provider

The last thing I would advise, based on our experience, is to establish an onboarding strategy. Onboarding was very easy for us, due to the strong relationship we have with the Deltek team. The partnership has been very successful for us and we have already made fantastic progress.

About the Author

Chris Razzell established ASPECT Studios in 1993 and maintained the overall direction and growth of the studios in Australia, China and more recently the Middle East. Now Chairman of the Board, Chris' business philosophy is founded on the principle of promoting collaboration and shared knowledge between a national and international network of expertise, whilst each studio retains its individual personality, local knowledge and specialised skill set.

With nine studios and 200 people, ASPECT Studios provides the best in creative design for landscape architecture, urban design, integrated playspaces, living architecture, and environmental graphics. Since 1993, ASPECT Studios has grown on the strength of its reputation for design-led solutions and is recognised as a company with the capability to deliver creative and sustainable projects.


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