Nurturing the Relationship Between People and Processes: What’s New in Maconomy 2.5.3

May 20, 2021

Here at Deltek, we work on nurturing the relationship between people and processes. This is especially apparent in our latest Maconomy release. Maconomy’s 2.5.3 includes enhancements across the three user interfaces, primarily focusing on iAccess, the web-browser interface, and Touch, the mobile application. Read below for a summary of key enhancements and register for our upcoming Customer Town Hall on June 2 for an idea on what’s coming in the future.

Front Office Updates

Maconomy’s People Planner add-on solution integrates into both the Maconomy iAccess and Workspace Client interfaces. In our December 2020 2.5.2 release, we enabled People Planner functionality for employees, project managers, and resource managers from within the iAccess interface. In our most release 2.5.3 release, we take it even further. It is now possible to view planned and actuals (hours, cost, billing, etc.) by employee in the Resource Forecasting Component of the interface. This provides a 360-degree view of the entire project, making it easier for project managers to stay on track. This is just the start for this initiative, but we’re excited to provide a more fluid user experience for People Planner users.

People Planner

Moreover, we are now introducing an option to have more fields on Popup Types to support extensions. The generic fields available were reserved for standard functionality, however, some customers tend to use these fields for custom purposes. This could result in a conflict when new standard features are released, so Maconomy now dynamically derives the field names in the columns from the titles that you define in the Card.

Popup Types

iAccess Enhancements

Following the strategic driver of enhancing the user experience, many of the 2.5.3 enhancements are in the web-browser interface, iAccess. Tables are now able to be rendered as tree tables, allowing for job budgets to be supported through Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It is now possible to indent/outdent lines and move lines up/down with this new table functionality. This is particularly helpful while using time/expense sheets and job price lists with a large amount of line items.

*Tree tables are available in the following workspaces in iAccess: Budgeting, Estimating, Progress Evaluation, and Job Budget Approval Wizard.


Furthermore, document uploading is now made more streamlined within iAccess. Drag-and-drop capabilities are now visible and multiple-file uploads have been enhanced with the ability to remove documents before upload. This will greatly speed up efficiency and ease-of-use for users.

Document Upload

Touch App Improvements

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about Touch, our mobile app. Maconomy 2.5.2 introduced Quick Capture with ICR (the ability to take a picture of a receipt, scan it, and automatically fill details in your expense reports). Now in 2.5.3, Quick Capture includes the ability to not only take a picture, but also upload files from iCloud, DropBox, and from local storage (requires an iPhone and Maconomy 2.5.2 or later). These files are then processed with ICR and attached to an expense sheet line, improving compatibility and efficiency. Quick Capture and ICR even allows you to control the size of the files you upload as well (requires Maconomy 2.5.3).

Touch App

Additionally, we have incorporated a few usability and technical Touch features. These include expense sheet enhancements (text alignment, paper clips), a new spinner message on the login screen, and Pull-to-Refresh functionality.

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In addition to these main highlights, some technical enhancements include: increased security with 2FA enrollment, elimination of duplicate database indexes to improve performance, and implementation of minor bug fixes.

Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss the 2.5.3 enhancements and benefits in more detail. Stay in the know on what has been enhanced, as well as what is coming for Maconomy - register for our upcoming Customer Town Hall on June 2, 2021.

For further assistance, reach out to [email protected].