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April 21, 2021

By GaleForce, a Deltek Marketplace Partner

It’s complicated. In 2020, all of it has been very complicated. With the complexities of navigating our new reality that has been interwoven with COVID-19, comes the fallout of the virus’s impact on how business is conducted. Interpersonal isn’t so much a reality today as it was just eight months ago, as remote settings have altered work dynamics. As a media buyer, you already face enough uphill challenges on a daily basis. Here we present to you three ways media buying software for agencies can help simplify your life and flatten out that seemingly endless staircase you’ve been climbing in this unprecedented year.

All-in-One Convenience

Forget Excel sheets, multiple windows and multiple programs – an all-in-one media buying software for agencies can be your go-to for getting the job done quicker and with better results. During this busy time of year and the increased buying that comes during it, a reliable solution like MediaForce can help you excel without Excel. How so, you might ask? Let’s take a look at what a quality media buying tool can offer you in terms of functionality and convenience.

  • Electronic Importing – Have avails and invoices that need to be imported? A strong media buying software for agencies can import these electronically, making reconciliation a snap. Your accounting department will be forever grateful.
  • Nielsen and Comscore Integrations – Add value to your media buys with these integral integrations. Nielsen and Comscore are the preeminent evaluators of media, determining which TV, radio, over-the-top and digital platforms are worth the buy and which are not. The companies are constantly innovating and adapting to changes in the market. If you are looking to make life easier and enlist the help of media buying software, one that features these integrations is a must.
  • Order Building – Whether traditional media, digital media or neither of the above, you should be utilizing a media buying software solution that lets you build your orders within it. To reiterate: excel without Excel.

All-in-one convenience, not some-in-all, is key. If any of these features are not present, you’re not going to discover how easy a media buying software for agencies can make your daily duties.


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Working Remotely

In the face of uncertain and unprecedented times, more of us are working at home on a proverbial island, unable to connect with coworkers and clients as we always have before. The right media buying software can help you survive and thrive on that island, providing all the information you need to buy media in an expert fashion, including electronic avail importing (as mentioned before), trend forecasting and GRP analysis. Being isolated means needing to have more necessities on hand, including access to top-notch customer support. It can also lead to benefits for your agency, such as:

The portability offered by a SaaS-based platform is also of utmost importance working remotely, especially when the alternative is an on-premises setup. Imagine having to unplug your work computer every time you need to change your work setting, just so you have access to the programs necessary to carry out your media buying?

Correlation Between Broadcast Schedules and Web Traffic

Ever work on a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle? Every piece dumped out in front of you is vital to the completion of that scenic cityscape, but separately not much is accomplished with them. Much like with those pieces fitting together correctly, correlation and integration is key in any media planning and buying software for agencies. How so? In this instance, the puzzle pieces are your broadcast schedules and your advertiser’s web traffic. One helps the other complete your media buying puzzle, but it’s not as simple as snapping two pieces together; it’s more like finding the two in a box of 1,000 that connect.

As difficult as an endeavor of that magnitude sounds, the right tool, like MediaForce’s MediaInsights, can help you and your agency correlate between schedules and web traffic. To accomplish this properly, direct API integration from Google Analytics is essential. Within Google Analytics lies its Users, Page Views and Sessions data necessary for MediaInsights to overlay broadcasts schedules with advertisers’ web traffic. Once this overlay can occur, you are presented with which media placements will yield the best results for your clients. This feature, designed with insight from seasoned media buyers who aspire to have easier days at the office, is unique to MediaForce.

Made Up Your Mind?

Even in these times, your clients don’t want excuses. A media buying software for agencies like MediaForce by GaleForce Digital Technologies can ensure you won’t have to give any. Visit  our Deltek Marketplace to learn more about MediaForce.

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