How Will Generative AI Transform the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries?

May 16, 2024
How Will Generative AI Transform the AEC Industry

Generative AI is a seminal force in today’s global economy, but why is this important to the AEC sector? In this blog, we’ll share some of the most exciting use cases and how to make the most of AI in your firm.

Generative AI is one technological innovation that has the potential to impact the AEC industry, extending beyond design and construction and truly augmenting project-based businesses.

In a recent webinar, Bernard Marr, Futurist and Business, Tech and Strategy Advisor and Bret Tushaus, VP of Project Management at Deltek, discussed how generative AI is changing architecture, engineering and construction for the better. They also shared practical advice that firms can implement today for maximum impact.


“If I had to pick one trend that I feel will have the biggest impact, it would be generative AI. Because this allows us to work alongside intelligent machines that can create things and act as copilots to everything we do.”

– Bernard Marr, Futurist and Business, Tech and Strategy Advisor


Generative AI Has the Power to Improve Every AEC Project

Generative AI has the potential to improve the quality and innovation of architectural designs and engineering solutions. It can process vast data sets of design parameters, environmental factors and historical data.

Predictive insight can be used to streamline the planning and execution phases of a project and anticipate potential challenges and bottlenecks. AI-powered simulation models can identify the most efficient construction sequence and resource allocation – all while mitigating risks. This helps ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

AI has the ability to drive greater operational efficiency through predictive maintenance. By analyzing data from sensors and IoT devices, it can predict maintenance needs – reducing downtime and potentially extending asset lifespan.


“When we think of a technology like generative AI, or even AI in general, it's all about making the project lifecycle smarter.”

– Bret Tushaus, VP, Project Management at Deltek


Benefit from AI Capabilities While Minimizing Risk

Generative AI has far reaching capabilities with the potential to make our work and personal lives easier. But with all of these capabilities come risks. From non-compliance to reputational damage, it's vital to protect your customers and your business as you implement generative AI solutions.

3 considerations to reduce risk as you adopt generative AI

  1. Prioritize transparency
    This involves not only disclosing that you're using AI to generate content but also providing insight into how your systems operate and make decisions.
  2. Implement rigorous data privacy measures
    Protect the privacy and security of the huge datasets AI relies on. Adopt best practices and adhere to regulations such as GDPR.
  3. Establish ethical guidelines
    Set ethical boundaries for AI development and deployment within your organization. Cover issues like bias mitigation, prevention of misinformation, and the responsible use of AI.

“Transparency builds trust among users and stakeholders, which then lays the foundation for the ethical use of AI.”

– Bernard Marr, Futurist and Business, Tech and Strategy Advisor


Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Great Generative AI Results

Generative AI thrives in an environment of curiosity and transparency. Rather than diving straight into technology, start by fostering an open mindset, create the right context and experiment to find what works best for your organization.

Remember that generative AI won’t replace jobs entirely; it primarily complements human efforts by handling low-impact tasks and helps speed up processes managed by people. It will help the organization prioritize high-value work that requires a human touch. You can empower your teams through reassurance, training and experimentation, enabling them to fully embrace AI’s capabilities.

When implementing AI, focus on meaningful, accurate data and choose use cases that deliver real value. Look beyond competitors and aim for strategic wins that yield long-term benefits. The right mindset and practical steps pave the way for being successful with your generative AI initiatives.

How Deltek Customers Benefit from AI

With Deltek's AI capabilities, you get a digital intelligence that helps you find and extract key information from your ERP faster than through traditional reporting. Deltek Dela, the AI-powered business companion for project-based businesses, transforms project delivery with advanced AI, smart content, predictive insights, and purpose-built solutions, resulting in enhanced productivity, risk reduction, cost savings and ultimately better decision-making.

Discover How Generative AI Can Benefit Your Firm

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear Bret and Bernard's full conversation about generative AI's potential impact on your industry and the wider world.



Generative AI and Emerging Technology in the AEC Industry: A Fireside Chat with Bernard Marr

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