Deltek Maconomy Cloud shouldn’t just be on your agenda – it should be at the top. Here’s why.

June 30, 2021

As a Deltek Maconomy customer, you’re used to solutions tailored to your needs and industry. And why shouldn’t you be? No growing firm wants to waste time with IT headaches and disruption when they could be focusing on managing teams, servicing clients, and driving operations forward.

Cloud migrations hesitation is less about strategy and technology challenges and more about organizational resistance and structure. This blog will tell you exactly why an easy, stress-free move to Deltek Cloud shouldn’t just be another item on your agenda – it should be the next move your firm makes.

For savvy firms, it’s not ‘if’ they move to the cloud, it’s ‘when’.

Although migrating an ERP system to the Cloud can be intimidating, it’s more risky to put your migration off for too long when the cost of doing nothing is so high.

Recent research by Spiceworks found that updating legacy IT infrastructure continues to be the top factor behind growing IT budgets for 2021. The longer you put off cloud migration, the longer you perpetuate a cycle of tying up valuable IT resources in long-running modernization programs.

There’s also the opportunity cost of your competitors outmaneuvering your organization. With hosted and cloud services accounting for 24% of IT spend in 2021 (a figure that’s growing year-on-year), pushing back your adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) could see you fall behind cloud-ready firms.

One way to avoid these costs and risks is to bring forward your own adoption of a SaaS model. This can bring billing consistency to your firm, along with instant relief from outdated hardware, limited IT resources, and increasing security risks.

And for Deltek Maconomy users, the move from Maconomy on-premises to the Deltek Cloud promises even more benefits. Here are the three big boosts your firm can expect.

1. Scalability and reliable performance

Whether your people are working in the office, on-site or from home, you want to be sure they can access mission-critical tools – and get the performance they need to do their best work. And you want to know your tools stay accessible and performant as your workforce and your business grows.

Deltek Cloud is the solution to your scalability and performance challenges. That’s because we understand the needs of project-based businesses, and how important it is to keep project and financial management, ERP solutions, and other mission-critical tools up and running.

Our solutions are built with multi-tier, redundant infrastructure to ensure 24/7 availability. This design paradigm allows individual pieces of infrastructure (and application) to go offline with minimal impact to the availability of the service and access to data. 


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2. Increased Data Protection

The average cost of downtime is up to $11,600 per minute, according to Datto. As such, planning for disaster recovery to resume normal operations is critical. By moving Maconomy to the Deltek Cloud, Deltek handles any issues that arise and keeps your business running smoothly with backup and restore processes that are continually monitored for reliability. Deltek tests, reviews and verifies the disaster recovery process as part of a semi-annual SOC audit.

A combination of nightly and weekly backups ensure multiple backups of data are available for at least 30 days. In addition, backups are typically performed on replicated database servers during off-peak hours to minimize impact to system performance. Near real-time copies of databases are replicated and stored in a separate disaster recovery location - significantly reducing the risk of downtime or disruption to your business so revenue and productivity is not affected.

3. Frequent, planned security and functionality enhancements

According to Security Boulevard, 60% of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied. But when updates and upgrades are disruptive, onerous or manually intensive, it’s all too easy to delay them.

Not only does that put your systems at risk, it also means denying your teams enhancements and new features that could save time and automate repetitive tasks.

With the Deltek Cloud, it’s different. Deltek’s team of certified cloud and security experts streamline the maintenance by managing updates and upgrades for you. This includes patching of the operating system, platform code, applications and infrastructure, and continual server risk assessments on patch levels. This way, your team gets the latest features and upgrades without the stress of staying up-to-date on evolving cybersecurity risks and required infrastructure and software updates.

Make the move to the Deltek Cloud

Left unchecked, outdated infrastructure and legacy software can eat into your IT budget, keep project teams from accessing new functionality, and pose a real security risk to your firm.

Deltek can take these risks away and ensure a smooth move to the cloud for Maconomy customers. Let Deltek handle the technical maintenance and get your firm up and running on the latest infrastructure that can take you to new heights.

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