Better Nurture Client Relationships with Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail

October 20, 2021
Teresa Bever
Product Director

You already use Gmail to manage your contacts and business development activities. Now included with Vantagepoint CRM, Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail allows your teams to easily manage Vantagepoint information within Gmail to help turn more pursuits into projects

See Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail in Action

Quickly Identify Client History

When you receive an email from a client, Vantagepoint Connect will automatically display Vantagepoint information within a contextual pane right in Gmail, including contact and company information, recent activities and project details. If someone included in the email doesn’t exist in Vantagepoint, you can create a new contact with just a few clicks.

Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail

Log Emails within Vantagepoint

When a notable email arrives, immediately share the communication with the rest of your team by clicking ‘Log Email’ to create a Vantagepoint activity. The activity will include all contacts and employees associated with the email, their firms and the content of the email. Optionally, you can select a project and associate any email attachments to the activity.

Capture Relationship Details

One of the most difficult challenges with any CRM is simply getting critical client information from employees. With Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail, you can easily bring siloed information from everyone’s inboxes and individual calendars into Vantagepoint CRM. Business developers can add the Vantagepoint color, bluberry, to any meeting on their calendar to quickly log it into Vantagepoint. Vantagepoint Connect will automatically include all employees and contacts in the activity and you can optionally associate a project. This eliminates duplicate entry, uncoordinated contacts and outdated client records so it’s easier than ever to collaborate on clients and pursuits.

Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail

Contacts can be added to Vantagepoint just as easily by adding the Vantagepoint label to them in Gmail.

Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail

By allowing you to access and edit Vantagepoint CRM information from the comfort of Gmail, Vantagepoint Connect for Gmail will encourage the use of Vantagepoint, boost employee productivity, and ultimately ensure you are nurturing your client relationships.


For Outlook Users

Vantagepoint Connect is also available for Microsoft Outlook

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