Unleashing AI & Enhancing UX: A Glimpse into Deltek Talent Management Innovations

October 27, 2023
Talent Management Innovations

With another exciting Deltek ProjectCon in the books, it’s clear the impact of this year’s conference will continue to be felt amongst customers, partners and Deltek team members for a long time to come. Held this year from October 16-18 in Orlando, Florida, Deltek ProjectCon 2023 attracted over 3,400 project-based professionals from around the world and provided a well-rounded forum for customers to attend sessions and demos, network with Deltek experts, partners, and peers, and even make time for some well-deserved celebrating.

Central topics at this year’s Deltek ProjectCon included a continued commitment to fostering purposeful innovation and delivering increased customer satisfaction, all with the primary goal of delivering a smarter project lifecycle and enabling firms to be more informed, productive, and profitable. These themes were shared across product-level experiences as well, including within Deltek Talent Management’s exciting kick off session which served as an opportunity to explore the journey the solution has taken thus far as well as the compelling advancements that will continue to shape the product in the years to come.

New Generative AI Capabilities— Save Time and Effort in Finding and Hiring the Best Talent

Generative AI was one of the most buzzed-about topics at this year’s event, and for good reason. A type of artificial intelligence designed to create content, code and imagery, GenAI already exists in several Deltek products today with many more new capabilities on the horizon. By continuing to invest in GenAI, Deltek plans to automate, augment, and optimize even more tasks and processes for project-based businesses – including within the Talent Management solution.

Talent Management users will benefit from several AI advancements that will be coming to the product, including the ability to shorten the requisition to revenue cycle using automation and GenAI. Today there are several steps that a user must engage in to fulfill the hiring and onboarding process, from creating a requisition, to deploying job postings, to sending out emails to potential candidates. All of these steps can be automated, and additionally the first draft of content for the job description can be created using Generative AI. Such enhancements will help to streamline recruitment tasks, make recruiter actions more efficient, and free up resources to focus on more important elements of the hiring process.


GenAI Capabilities Announced at Deltek ProjectCon 2023

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User Experience Enhancements—Increased Usability and Efficiency

Improving the user experience of Talent Management is a key focus for the product team in the months and years to come, with priority given to elements of the solution that will deliver continued customer, employee and candidate satisfaction. By following user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices, Deltek aims to deliver a product that meets the needs and expectations of customers and helps deliver on the goals and objectives of the business – improving the employee, and therefore project, lifecycle.

With an enhanced Talent Management user experience, customers will realize greater usability, increased efficiency, and ultimately an improved employer brand. Deltek Talent Management has several exciting updates in the works to benefit the user experience, including improved navigations and dashboards, module updates, personalization themes and more. End users from human resources (HR) teams to a firm’s own employees and candidates will benefit from these modern, easier-to-use interfaces and experiences.

Continued Integration Opportunities—Enable Better Information Sharing

Integration and interoperability are essential capabilities of Talent Management, delivering functionality that enables customers to connect with other applications and information, and ultimately improve firm productivity and profitability. Integrations between systems has the benefit of providing streamlined data flow and communication, reducing errors and redundancies, and lower costs due to improved use of resources and technology.

Today Talent Management integrates with Deltek Costpoint, Deltek Vantagepoint via the Unionpoint Platform, as well as with partner solutions. Talent Management’s future includes several enhancements to existing integrations to make these connections even more robust, as well as new integrations to tools that will further enhance the employee lifecycle, such as text messaging integrations and more. This continued integration work will enhance functionality and communication between Deltek solutions as well as beneficial external products, extending the value of Talent Management and your total human capital management (HCM) investments.

Hearing From Our Customers—Share Product Ideas

As a customer-centric company, we always work to place customer needs at the heart of our product development. We listen to customer feedback and ideas, as well as market trends and demands, to shape our product vision and roadmap. In addition to sharing all the great work being done to the product, Deltek ProjectCon also offers our team a priceless opportunity to connect with customers and prospects and learn from their experiences.

We are grateful to everyone who was able to attend, share your unique insights, and contribute to the success of the conference. If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry, we’ll continue to share more highlights through blogs, webinars and Town Halls. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for next year’s Deltek ProjectCon, taking place in Maryland, November 11-13, 2024. We hope to see you there!


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