Optimize Agency Management By Bringing Software And Process Together

April 15, 2020
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

For agencies and in-house teams looking to optimize their business, we already know that a software solution like WorkBook can make agency management easier and help them boost operational KPIs by streamlining projects people and finance from end-to-end. But if you’re expecting software to magically solve all your problems without a solid set of processes with which to use it, then you’d better get ready for an uphill battle. That’s why WorkBook is custom configured with role-based workspaces, dashboards and reports that help you follow industry best practice processes to run your agency better.

WorkBook’s Best Practice Configuration

Based on decades of experience and hundreds of successful implementations, WorkBook’s role-based configuration is designed around a set of industry best practice processes and the responsibilities of everyone involved.

Each role has a designated workspace that gives the user a central place to find key information they need to make their job easier. These workspaces include specific tabs, icons, dashboards and reports mapped to their role and responsibilities, so that they only see what they need and don’t get overwhelmed by extraneous bells and whistles that have nothing to do with their daily tasks. 

Power Launch Workspace Configuration

With comprehensive training materials and documentation, Deltek Global Consultants can help you understand how to use WorkBook to optimize your business now, while setting a foundation of scalable processes to build on as your agency matures.

Some of WorkBook’s core processes include:

  • Resource Planning and Utilization:
    Plan assignments in advance and make adjustments through regular planning meetings and forecast future needs based on incoming work.
  • Estimate and Budget Creation, Project Planning:
    Ensure projects are planned properly from the beginning by creating accurate estimates and converting them into precise project budgets, schedules and staffing plans.
  • Invoicing, Purchase Orders and Cost Control:
    Manage cash flow and control project costs with invoicing schedules, POs and timesheet approval workflows.

A Proven, Accelerated Implementation

Coupled with this industry-specific best practice configuration, Deltek’s Proven Implementation Methodology enhances your solution by helping your agency get up and running faster. And because WorkBook is cloud-based, it can be accomplished completely virtually, to provide flexibility and efficiency for agencies with a remote workforce.   

The typical implementation process begins with mapping out how you want to run your business, then designing and configuring a matching solution from scratch. While this may be appropriate for some agencies, it requires a significant amount of time and effort to design and employ. With WorkBook’s role-based configuration, we can skip right to the good part - beginning with the best practice approach and then making adjustments based on your agency’s specific needs. That way we can accelerate your implementation and limit the amount of effort required – providing you with industry guidance and an efficient transition so you can begin optimizing agency operations on day one, while saving you time and money.

More than just software, WorkBook provides your agency with a best practice solution that makes agency management easier, so you can focus on what’s important.


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