"Hey, Deltek… Tell Me About Deltek Vantagepoint"

Posted by Bret Tushaus on November 28, 2018

Deltek Vantagepoint

By Bret Tushaus, Vice President of Product Management, Deltek

A lot has happened for technology and software since Deltek was founded in 1983. In years past, resources were managed in external disconnected spreadsheets, time and expense data was tracked on paper and manually entered by accounting staff, and only operational and administrative staff leveraged ERP-related tools. But for the past decade or so, we’ve been thinking about how transformational trends will impact the next generation of our solutions. We have been following the trajectory of things like big data, the millennial workforce, globalisation, cloud and the internet of things. As a result, tens of thousands of lines of code have been written and hundreds of screens and applications have been reimagined, refactored and enhanced to bring Vantagepoint to life.

If you're attending Deltek's Customer Day today, you will get a front row seat to the unveiling of Deltek Vantagepoint. In the Vision/Vantagepoint Product Kickoff Session, I'm going to walk the audience through the Top 10 list of the awesome things in Vantagepoint – from its fresh, modern interface; to its cutting-edge dashboards; to a command-center-like interface for project managers; to our new proposal module. And while those are all the things we love and know you will love about Vantagepoint, the most exciting feature is what is at the heart of this solution: INNOVATION.

During the process of reimagining Vision within Vantagepoint, we have been identifying and exploring new ways to innovate within the solution. One of the first manifestations of this is in the area of natural language processing and interaction. We have added the ability to interact with Vantagepoint in common language – like talking to an Amazon Echo or to a voice recognition system in a car. In a car with this feature, you can say “I’m hungry,” and natural voice recognition will know you’re looking for somewhere to eat. In our solution, you can say things like “take me to” or “remind me to” and Vantagepoint will know you’re trying to add information or create records within the system.

With natural language commands, you can simply tell Vantagepoint to remind you to do something through a common language phrase, and it will create that reminder activity for you. You can use this same interface to create new records or navigate to a specific record within the different hubs. This great new feature extends the accessibility of the solution and makes it that much easier for someone to start using with very little training.

We call it “Hey, Deltek!”

We’re also looking beyond natural language processing and identifying other ways we can innovate within Vantagepoint. One such area involves using Optical Character Recognition, or OCR. We are exploring to use OCR for what we call Intelligent Expense Capture, where a photo of your receipt immediately generates a line item on your expense report within the Deltek T&E mobile expense app.

Mobile screens vantagepoint

Our Vantagepoint early adopter program is already underway and we are hearing a wide range of positive feedback from the participants as they experience these great reimagined features.  We are excited to offer Vantagepoint more broadly in the coming months!

About the Author

As Vice President of Product Management, Bret Tushaus is responsible for leading the product strategy, roadmap and product management teams for Deltek’s Vision, Maconomy, Ajera, People Planner, PIM, Workbook and TrafficLIVE. Prior to joining Deltek, Bret spent 15 years at Eppstein Uhen Architects and holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

A frequent speaker at industry events, Bret has significant experience and expertise applying the benefits of software and technology to a wide range of project-focused businesses.