What's New in Deltek Talent Management 16.3

April 28, 2021
David Lee
Sr. Product Manager

If you can believe it, we are already in Q2 of 2021. As we are all continuing to learn how to navigate the evolving business landscape, the Deltek Talent Management team has been working incredibly hard on the 16.3 release. Human Capital Management processes have never been more important, nor under such accelerated change, and our focus has been on continuing to enhance our product in order to support the modern project-based workforce. Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful items coming in the 16.3 release, in order of the candidate/employee life cycle.


Our Acquisition module continues to focus on the candidate experience with Easy Apply methods that allow candidates to apply without creating accounts, significantly reducing candidate drop-off rates. Customers and Recruiters with specialized, targeted hiring practices will have the ability to share confidential requisitions to a selected group of candidates.  As a part of this exciting release, we’ll also introduce a new feature supporting the Draft Requisition Creation from Costpoint. Customers will be able to realize the full potential of this integration feature with the Costpoint 8.1 release coming in September.

DTM Easy Apply

Core Framework

For all Deltek Talent Management customers, we will be rolling out the ability to deliver News and Announcements to custom audience segments in their organizations via the application dashboard. The ability to inform employees about open enrollment, corporate culture items/events, and key business updates will now be easy to deliver in our platform.

DTM Announcements

Core HR

Core HR will provide functionality that allows customers to enable a custom tab on the Total Talent Profile and add custom fields, providing a ton of flexibility in tracking/managing additional employee information. We have also built a brand new API that will provide a productized integration with our new benefits partner, EverythingBenefits. The EverythingBenefits platform delivers next-generation, end-to-end benefit technology solutions and services that help businesses of all sizes and their employees experience benefits in more meaningful ways. The intuitive interface will provide an amazing enrollment experience for our customers’ employees, and the robust administration will assist in eliminating costly errors and reducing liability concerns.

Performance & Development

Performance & Development will strike a balance in approach by bringing powerful Continuous Feedback administration to the product, while still focusing on key enhancements to appraisal management. The new Continuous Feedback administration functionality will allow permitted user groups to launch ad-hoc sessions, or sessions in bulk to segments of the organization, helping to drive modernized performance management consistency. Additionally, the HRBP role has been added to six appraisal settings, providing a more detailed view of appraisals for their associated employees.

DTM Continuous Feedback


The Learning module will deliver many new features, most notably including enhanced new hire learning requirements as well as a complete redesign of read and sign courses and all course profile pages. The term Curricula will be replaced with Learning Paths (no change in functionality, just terminology), and the external certifications tracking will be enhanced by using the External Certifications dropdown, aligning Learning with Acquisition in this regard.

Deltek Reporting Tool (DRT)

The Deltek Reporting Tool will continue its evolution in providing improved user experience. There is a new intuitive Data Explorer page where any user type will have the ability to explore key organizational data and build reports easily.

Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ)

Finally, the Deltek Learning Zone will also feature the same read and sign redesign as Learning, as well as course and learning path profile page updates. Additionally, the ability to deliver subscriber-only Deltek product training content as a premium subscription will be added in this release.

As you can tell, 16.3 is absolutely packed with amazing functionality that the Deltek team has worked incredibly hard to design and deliver. We are extremely excited about this release, and we are hopeful that all of our customers will enjoy all of this new functionality, culminating in significant positive impact on their businesses.


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