Vantagepoint Momentum Builds: What Users are Saying and How to Set Your Team Up for Success

August 23, 2021
Bret Tushaus
Vice President of Product Management

As we come out of a challenging year for professional services companies, it’s exciting to see the momentum to upgrade to Vantagepoint continues to build. Companies are looking for more visibility into their businesses, more efficient processes and better overall project management and they’re finding that in Vantagepoint. In this post, I’ll share an update on recent successes from customers, reminders about available resources and timelines to help you build momentum within your company.

Vantagepoint, the Next Version of Vision

As you have heard me say many times, Vantagepoint is not only the next version of Vision, it is so much more. Vantagepoint is a reimagined project-focused solution that is focused on the user with a modern, intuitive user experience that helps manage the entire project lifecycle better with all the power of Vision that you know and love. Vantagepoint is taking Vision to a whole new level. It can be accessed on any web browser with reimagined workflows and functional expansion based on years of feedback from you, our Vision users.

We’re excited to see hundreds of companies and thousands of users exploring Vantagepoint. While the pandemic paused some upgrade timelines, we currently have nearly 700 customers actively using Vantagepoint, we’ve already supported hundreds of companies in their upgrade from Vision and have more already scheduled to upgrade later this year.

Upgrading for Success – What Vision Users are Saying about Vantagepoint

With hundreds of customers that have already upgraded to Vantagepoint, we wanted to share some of the great feedback we’ve heard from users like you:


Streamlining Efficiencies and Automating Processes

“Moody Nolan is an architecture firm with 11 locations and 255 employees and we have been using Deltek for the past 20 years. This year, we upgraded to Vantagepoint and I equate this upgrade to going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons. The ability for our project managers to now see their project data in a simple format and assign staff has improved efficiencies for our company. We also took advantage of some Deltek Marketplace companies – Elevia and Allirum – to automate some of our processes and overall have improved processes by 60-75%. It used to take almost 30 days to process invoices and it has been cut in half.”

Aaron Askew, Associate Principal, Director of Resource Management with Moody Nolan


Overcoming Challenges and Growing Smart

“Vantagepoint is helping our small business grow smart. As we work with communities to tackle challenges, Vantagepoint is helping us to overcome similar challenges internally by assisting with communication needs and keeping us all connected and informed.”

Amy S. Curtis, Client Relations Manager with Etica Group


Increasing At-a-Glance Visibility into Key Metrics 

“User interface is critical.  With Vantagepoint, our teams are more engaged with their projects.  They know where to find key metrics and data.  Better yet, it is usually in a graphical format that is easy to consume on the go.”

Mark Holle, CPA, Associate | Director of Finance and Accounting with Sanderson Stewart


Focusing on Workflow

“The focus from day one with the upgrade to Vantagepoint was to improve the lives of our project executives. We want them to begin to view Vantagepoint as their project management software, not just an accounting system, removing the need to deal with emails, PDFs, Excel and other ancillary programs.

We were able to streamline the time process immediately with Vantagepoint and saw this as a first step to bring the project executives into Vantagepoint more regularly. To accomplish this, we transitioned from a partially paperless process to a line item workflow, firmly putting control of posting and reviewing time in the hands of the project executive, reducing errors in the long run. Our teams no longer submit timesheets, send a PDF to the project executive for each project and then require the project executives to send updates to finance/accounting to correct.

Our company has grown significantly in the last three years. The old time review/approval process was time consuming and inefficient and Vantagepoint allows us to more accurately and easily replace the former process with an improved process that is more accurate and more efficient.”

Christine Taraska, Chief Financial Officer with CUBE 3


Empower Your Company for a Successful Upgrade

Deltek is here to support your company as you prepare for your upgrade to Vantagepoint. As your trusted partner, we want to work with you to help you make the most of your upgrade for your company.

As a Vision customer, you can gain access to complimentary previews, review what’s new in the readiness portal and leverage our experts to ensure you are getting the most out of your upgrade.

If you haven’t signed up for the Vantagepoint Customer Assistance Program (CAP), you should explore this complimentary program today to help your company understand how they can get more from Vantagepoint. You can learn more about this program by logging into the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal or contacting your account manager or Deltek partner.

We also encourage you to explore the new user interface through a preview environment to familiarize your teams with the solution and reassure them that the power of Vision is still there, but in a much better, more intuitive way.

For some companies, they’ve identified some inefficiencies in business processes in the last year and want to leverage Vantagepoint to streamline. The Deltek Global Consulting team offers an optimization workshop to see how you can improve your business and can also support you with your upgrade. You can also leverage your Deltek partner for these services.

Continued Support for Vision Users

We understand that each Vision customer is determining the best time for their upgrade and we want to reassure you that Deltek will continue to support your company and your solution. Vision 7.6 will remain in active support beyond the end of 2022; there is currently no end date for the active support phase for Vision 7.6. We will continue to follow user momentum and share successes with our users. If our timeline around the Vision 7.6 lifecycle changes, we will communicate that directly to our customers.