5 Ways Deltek Is Focused on Delivering Best-In-Class Customer Experiences

November 30, 2021
Margo Martin
Group Vice President of Customer Success

TwitterTweet it:'Customer feedback is at the core of everything we do at Deltek. We continuously seek input through our customer loyalty, onboarding, post-implementation and product training surveys.'

By Margo Martin, Group Vice President of Customer Success, Deltek

For many years customer success and customer experience were just buzz words – opportunities for organizations to say they were focused on the customer. At Deltek, being customer-focused and delivering modernized customer experiences is in our DNA and I’m proud to be part of the team that supports our customer’s journey. 

From onboarding, training and customer support, to product enhancements and tailoring experiences for customers based on their needs, we’re committed to helping customers appropriately adopt their products and find long term success with Deltek.

To better understand how we approach what can sometimes be a complex journey, I thought I’d share the five ways Deltek is focused on delivering best-in-class experiences for every customer:

1. Listening, Learning and Acting

Customer feedback is at the core of everything we do at Deltek. We continuously seek input through our customer loyalty, onboarding, post-implementation and product training surveys. Each survey is unique and an important “Voice of the Customer” initiative for us to gain valuable insights into what we do well, how we can do better and what the future customer experience looks like for Deltek customers.

Dedicated teams review and analyze the many important pieces of data gleaned from this feedback and from there we develop plans for each product to improve various aspects of how customers use our products, receive award-winning customer support and so much more. If there is one piece of advice I can offer to anyone who is focused on the customer experience and driving long-term success, it’s that you not only need to collect feedback and listen to customers, but also ACT on that feedback to make important changes within the customer journey. That is certainly Deltek’s first priority!

2. Advancing Self-Service Capabilities

In today’s self-service world, it’s clear that consumers want to do more independently without interaction or intervention. While that’s not always possible – especially in the B2B world, we’re making important strides at Deltek to advance our self-service capabilities.

From finding answers to common product questions within the Knowledge Base, to making it easier to add product licenses, or even paying an invoice, we’ve worked hard to include more self-service offerings so that you can focus on what’s most important – powering your projects. And we’re not just stopping there, we’re enhancing these capabilities to include emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), to better predict and serve the right types of interactions to customers.

3. Investing in Product Enhancements

One of the most important aspects of providing a best-in-class experience is having products that are easy-to-use and offer industry-specific features that meet the needs of businesses large and small. We’re focused on incorporating innovative technologies with new ideas to reimagine how customers can run their business and help them be more successful. In fact, we’re extremely proud to have been named as a 2021 Nucleus ERP Technology Value Matrix Leader for the eighth time.

Additionally, we’re continually investing in purposeful innovation to deliver product releases and enhancements that drive our customers’ business forward. Through direct feedback from customers, we’re designing products and features with Deltek Project Nation in mind.


Deltek Named an ERP Leader


2021 Nucleus ERP Technology Value Matrix

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4. Streamlining the Small to Midsize Business Journey

As the saying goes, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to providing products and services that meet the needs for every customer. We recognize that large enterprises operate much differently from small to midsize businesses. Each have their own unique needs, right down to how they implement our Deltek products and engage with our teams that help them meet their business goals.

For our small to midsize customers, we know that you have lean teams and need every tool at your disposal to make your job easier and allow you to focus on bigger organizational initiatives. To help you accomplish this, we have taken numerous steps to automate the small to medium business journey by offering unique onboarding opportunities, centralizing product training and automating various aspects of the customer journey such as the renewal process.  I’m personally invested and focused on improving this experience, and in turn we’re seeing the positive impact it makes for our most nimble customers.

5. Standardizing the Enterprise Customer Journey

Large enterprise organizations have complex requirements when it comes to how they manage products and implement new technologies. No two businesses are the same which can result in unique customer experiences, especially when working globally across multiple business units or having solutions that need to be standardized throughout an organization. We’re very fortunate that large businesses trust Deltek to power their project success across industries and geographies.

Being a leading provider of enterprise software, organizations look to Deltek for solutions that are purpose-built to help accelerate their business success. By standardizing the enterprise journey through activities that help support Deltek Project Nation’s transformation efforts, we have become an important partner through our dedicated customer experience initiatives.

About the Author

As Deltek's Group Vice President of Customer Success, Margo Martin is responsible for all of Deltek's customer success, enablement and experience teams. Margo leads the company's global customer success strategy which includes driving product training and adoption while delivering a world-class experience for Deltek’s growing customer base. 

She also plays an active role in the Women@Deltek program, which fosters a network of colleagues and resources to promote the advancement of women throughout the organization. Connect with Margo on LinkedIn.



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