Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Providing Complete Visibility and Control For Deltek Maconomy Users

April 09, 2021

Deltek’s Quarterly Town Halls are designed to keep users updated on the latest releases for the solutions they are utilizing. During the Q1 2021 Quarterly Town Hall for Deltek Maconomy, our Maconomy team shared what to expect in the latest Maconomy 2.5.2 version. Attendees also learned what’s ahead in Maconomy’s future with the People Planner convergence as it grows to provide more complete visibility into resources and deeper insight into clients and projects.


Deltek Maconomy Town Hall Q1 2021

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What’s new

Product Director of Maconomy, Chris Challenor, shares a number of exciting updates contained in the newest release of Deltek Maconomy.  One of the biggest focus areas and a key strategic initiative in the new release is the convergence of the People Planner module with Maconomy. This product convergence goal will ultimately provide one unified user experience and one stop for project setup.. This is done through iAccess, the web-browser interface which will provide a clear resource management and project planning workspace.

iAccess Image 2

The second major upgrade is the release of RESTful API version 2. This upgrade is optimized for greater performance and enhanced to cover even more Maconomy functionality. Version 2 ensures all interactions with the container or Maconomy dialogue now goes through a new container instance, leading to a significant performance improvement. This new version also contains enhanced data response filtering and printing functionality to reduce the amount of data transferred between the client program and the server.

All of these features are focused on providing the user an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use solution. Watch the recorded webinar for a more detailed breakdown of what is new with the latest release of Maconomy.

What’s coming

Building on what has been updated, Chris further explains the plans for the future of Maconomy. Deltek is aiming to enhance the resources and forecasting functionality through an upgraded progress evaluation workflow in the People Planner web components. This is designed to ensure that users will have a complete picture when it comes to making estimates around their current budget. Additionally, the work-breakdown structure in RESTful API version 2 will be enhanced and expanded in the next version of Maconomy. 

Deltek’s database experts will also be providing more input on updates moving forward. Maconomy will soon issue a warning if required indexes are not in place. This should address some critical support cases that impacted performance.

Watch the webinar to better understand what is on the horizon for Maconomy.

Customer Care Update

In addition to the timely technology updates, Senior Manager of Customer Care, Ulla Weis, highlights the recent improvements in the Customer Care Knowledge Base. As part of the recent release, customers can now utilize a wider range of Maconomy-specific learning materials. Deltek’s Knowledge Base contains 24/7 availability of helpful document and video resources. Instead of submitting support tickets, this new enhancement provides a more convenient and useful alternative for those who have been relying on the support team to resolve issues. We’ve also added a new “Need Additional Assistance” function for those who have an issue logged that requires more attention. They are now able to escalate it to our customer care management team if they require more help.

For more information on Maconomy, watch the full Town Hall webinar.  For further assistance, reach out to [email protected].