Using WorkBook Dimensions to Provide Detailed Reports and Better Insights

November 03, 2021
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Dimensions are an invaluable part of the WorkBook system and are key to developing detailed reports and mining better insights that will guide you on your path to LevelUp. Dimensions enable you to group, filter and tag data throughout the entire system so that you can create custom reports at any level of detail. There are twenty-one fixed dimensions pre-built into the system, with an option to add an additional ten custom-defined dimensions. 

Here’s how to set up Dimensions in your WorkBook system:

Add a New Dimension

Within the Settings module, locate Dimension setup under the Dimensions tab on the left side of your screen.

WorkBook Dimensions Settings

From there, you can add a new Dimension by clicking the "+" button at the top of the screen. You then select an existing Dimension in the upper section, or click User defined dimension and fill in a name and a source type. 

WorkBook Add Dimension

When you add a custom Dimension, you can then add the values in the bottom section, after clicking on Toggle Details.

WorkBook Dimension Details

Finally, enable the Dimension and consider where in the system you want to use it. You can also adjust your settings to require a dimension value be selected before being able to add something to the system.

Below is an example of how Dimensions show up when creating a new Project or Job. 

WorkBook Create project

Disable a Dimension

You can disable a selected dimension by clicking the trash can button.

Add a Custom Name for Built-in Dimensions

Should you wish to change the name of a built-in Dimension this is possible through Custom translation setup within the Settings module.

Select the language you would like to translate to and search for the dimension you would like to customize.

Run through the “Object” drop-down and make sure all instances are translated.

In this example we are changing the “Division” dimension to “Group.“

Click the refresh button to apply.

WorkBook Custom Translate  


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