Why the Deltek Cloud Should Be Your Next Business Move

October 28, 2020

According to recent research by Spiceworks, outdated IT infrastructure is the largest driver behind growing IT budgets for 2020. This theme seemingly repeats itself every year. Months of careful planning eventually yields to a budgetary juggling act and then the sacrifice of important initiatives that just don’t fit within the budget. These cuts often include items that can improve the efficiency and manageability of projects and reduce workload and end up being surpassed by business-critical software or hardware updates.

One way to avoid this annual occurrence is to leverage a SaaS model for your information technology needs. A SaaS solution does away with those year-end surprises and helps bring billing consistency. Whether you’re facing outdated hardware, limited IT staff, increasing security risks or other common IT issues, a Deltek Cloud solution can help ease this burden, support your business through changes and enable your remote teams with an accessible, reliable platform.

Scalability & Reliable Performance

With more dispersed employees, you need assurance that your business solutions are accessible and performant so teams can stay focused on your core business – delivering projects. This includes how you win, manage, deliver and monitor your business while developing your talent. Additionally, your infrastructure needs to scale as your company grows or adds a major new project or even decides to add functionality or integrations.

The Deltek Cloud is designed to easily adapt and support you as your needs evolve. Meant for companies of all sizes, complexities and geographic locations, cloud solutions are scalable and grow with your project-based business; even when adding users, functionality and data your performance is maintained. Deltek’s Cloud solutions are accessible from around the globe and are deployed in locations central to our customers.

Deltek understands that key systems’ availability, including project and financial management or ERP solutions, is crucial. Our solutions are architected with multi-tier redundant infrastructure to make sure your systems are available 24/7. To help ensure your business systems run smoothly, Deltek manages backups and disaster recovery planning and testing.

"About 25% of my IT person's job was now given back to them to focus on the business because now I have Deltek running hot fixes, and I have a strong team at Deltek that's able to ensure that my hot fixes, everything are running properly.” 

 – Shannan Winkler, Sr. Director of Finance and Accounting, IntelliDyne , Watch the Video

Improved Accessibility & Flexibility

With the recent shift to remote working, anytime and anywhere, accessibility has become a requirement, not just a “nice to have.” How do you ensure your teams can securely access critical project and financial information, from either the office or other locations?

recent annual report on IT budgets and tech trends shows 44% of respondents say they have already or plan to accelerate digital transformation.  

– The 2021 State of IT

Deltek’s project-based cloud solutions provide increased accessibility enabling your teams to stay connected and share important project updates, client information and financials from anywhere. With the shift to the cloud, you also want peace of mind that you can have flexibility to access your data. With a Deltek Cloud solution, stay confident that you can easily access, extend or get data in and out of your system, safely.

The Deltek Cloud offers flexibility and extensibility including API and web services, data imports and exports such as scheduled database exports, integrations and data feeds or custom functionality, depending on the specific cloud solution.

Frequent, Planned Enhancements & Automation

One of the biggest challenges we hear from customers is around keeping all of their software and systems up to date. When was the last time you upgraded your project-based solution? How often do you delay upgrades, denying your teams recent enhancements including features that could save time and automate manual, repetitive tasks?

As part of a SaaS offering, the Deltek Cloud team manages the update and upgrade for you, so your team can take advantage of innovative features faster. Deltek follows a consistent release management process to ensure all product releases are timely and high quality.

According to Security Boulevard, 60% of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied.

It is just as important to maintain your systems and the supporting software. With a solution in the Deltek Cloud, our security and cloud experts perform consistent patching and maintenance of product, all supporting software and infrastructure in the cloud. This includes patching of operating software (OS), platform, code, applications, infrastructure and all relevant 3rd party services. Timely and consistent patch management provides increased security against potential vulnerabilities.   

Make the Move to the Deltek Cloud

Do not let outdated infrastructure or legacy software eat into your IT budget or deprive your project teams of necessary automation options. Let Deltek handle the technical maintenance and get your firm up and running on the latest infrastructure with a SaaS solution that can help power your project-based business now and into the future.


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