Matthew High, Downwell Group: Why We Invested In Deltek PIM

March 11, 2019

Article first published by Matthew High on LinkedIn.

Matthew High, Project Director, Downwell Group:

Downwell Group has just made a substantial infrastructure investment by adopting Deltek's Project Information Management (PIM) system. The system is going to help the management teams behind Downwell, Inner City Environmental and Inner City Scaffolding massively to be more organised at storing, sharing and retrieving information regarding the projects they undertake.


"essential file storage and sharing is just one small task that Deltek's PIM can handle"



I first heard of what Deltek had to offer several years ago back when they were known as Union Square. I was working for a company that had recently implemented their offering and immediately saw how this was a massive contribution toward project management.

Long gone are the days of reams of paper on site and storage boxes of site files at HQ once a project is complete. People don't want to be manually trawling through boxes to get the information they need. People want to work in the cloud and want their information available instantly from anywhere they happen to be at the time.

Working in the cloud is nothing new, some of the big names like DropBox and OneDrive have been around for several years. These are names that you have heard of, but essential file storage and sharing is just one small task that Deltek's PIM can handle.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 
  • Document storage & management 
  • All projects managed and logged from enquiry through to completion. 
  • Email storage and management (store emails within projects) 
  • Custom forms - Have all your companies' forms digitised and mobile ready 
  • Mobile working - Give access to site teams so information can be viewed and also sent back to HQ instantly 
  • HR information - manage your employees information in a secure manner
  • Security - Assign users and then only grant them access to the information that you want them to see. 
  • Drawing and document version tracking. Keeping track of document revisions in a simple structure.

These are just some of the features of the PIM package with additional modules available and even the ability to tailor the system, so it meets your companies exact requirements.

Our Business Development Manager, Rob Young was part of the Downwell team that sat in on the demonstration and was very excited at what the system would bring to his role:

“By adopting this new software, we will be able to have more visibility over our business development activities and will help to link up the products and services of our two sister companies. On top of this, there will be a fantastic opportunity to analyse more sales data which in turn will help shape our marketing strategies and help us to identify both new customers as well as ensuring we continue looking after our existing ones.”

Downwell Group on-site

Rob's role is not the only one that is going to see the benefits of the PIM system. Other people excited about it coming to the group is Project Manager David Goulding:

“Being out on site for most of the week means that it is not always easy to have up to date project information available. Documents that were drawn up on site or amended on site have to be emailed to the office, then uploaded by someone to the shared drive. With the new mobile package, documents can be immediately logged against the project and be accessible by everyone at HQ.”

Over the coming months, we are going to be working closely with the team at Deltek to get the system up and running and start the process of training up the management and site teams so that they get the most from it.

By no means am I being prompted to write this article? I'm just a massive advocator of innovative technology and processes that help the construction industry as a whole, and that also helps our company to work more efficiently and effectively.

I will keep this post live throughout our implementation process so people considering to take Deltek up on PIM for themselves can see what's involved in the process, how much time it takes up and how the team across the group take to the change in procedures.

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About Downwell Group

West Thurrock based, Downwell Group, are a leading provider of remediation services, asbestos removal, engineering, demolition, construction and plant hire to the construction industry. With a philosophy focused on service, efficiency and client satisfaction, they deploy their multi-disciplined skills base to ensure the provision of value and support to their clients.

As Downwell Group progress through implementation, we will be sharing their transformational journey. 

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