How Knock Accelerated Their Agency Operations

May 20, 2021

Knock, Inc. is a full-service, independent creative agency established in 2001. Over the last few years, Knock experienced tremendous growth, not only in terms of the number of clients and revenue generated, but also in employee size with candidates contributing additional capabilities and disciplines. With their agency maturing, Knock realized there was a demand for an integrated system that allowed for better visibility and reporting into their agency operations to gain insights on its effectiveness and performance.

As Diana Ross-Gotta, Account Director at Knock recently shared, “We were working with a variety of disparate systems that led to inefficient workflows and a lack of visibility into the performance of the agency overall. And what we wanted to do was start to bring together an integrated system so that we could really have a comprehensive understanding of how the agency was functioning.”

When marketing agencies have access to an integrated project management system, it delivers insights on the progress of projects and provides an environment for teams, especially those working remotely, to have the ability to communicate, collaborate and stay on track for client deliverables. Similar to Knock, agencies are often tasked with challenges related to managing their workforce for optimal use of time, resources and budget, but by having an integrated software solution in place it helps streamline projects, people and finances from end-to-end.  


Knock Inc.: Taking Agency Operations to the Next Level with Deltek WorkBook and ConceptShare

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Identifying Software That Meets Your Agency Needs

As agencies thrive and mature, it is critical to find the right solution to eliminate those growing pains. With Deltek WorkBook, you have the ability to understand the progress and milestones of a project by the reporting capabilities available. As Diana Ross-Gotta stated, “I think the big thing that I've seen is being able to manage and monitor all of the jobs that are flowing through our agency and learning that we’re not off track as much, or if we find that it's earlier in the process, and we're able to reach out to our clients and negotiate a change order or find ways to ensure that we're not eating those costs.” Deltek WorkBook enables you to save time and boosts productivity for your agency through better project and resource planning.  

Another system that helped Knock streamline their agency operations from a production and creative standpoint was Deltek ConceptShare. Agencies are often tasked with delivering more content, with smaller budgets, at a faster rate than ever before for their clients. That’s why an online proofing tool is essential at your agency in order to streamline and accelerate the review and approval process when developing campaigns for clients. As Creighton King, VP of Creative Execution at Knock commented, “As soon as our designers discovered ConceptShare or started working in it, it immediately was a game changer.” In leveraging ConceptShare, Knock was able to reduce production costs and provided their agency with more time to reinvest in their client’s needs.

By implementing Deltek WorkBook and ConceptShare, Knock now has the ability to forecast revenue as well as resources, and can plan for potential projects coming down the pipeline even as teams work from home due to the pandemic.

“I just couldn't imagine if we didn't have WorkBook and ConceptShare when we moved to a work from home policy. We saw instant benefits. Everyone was able to quickly review creatives, do time cards, pull reports and see what was going on. We still get to feel very collaborative and we are able to hold on to our culture because we can still have these conversations, all in one place. It's very cool that we were able to hold onto the culture and work from home through WorkBook and ConceptShare.”

Creighton King, VP of Creative Execution, Knock, Inc.

Knock is now confident in the future of their agency operations with powerful reporting capabilities and tools related to the status of client deliverables, and help with resource planning and financial forecasting. By transforming their business operations, Knock has the ability to make strong strategic decisions and grow even more as an agency. 

Want to learn more on how Knock used Deltek WorkBook and ConceptShare to optimize their agency operations? Watch the full webinar here.


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About Knock, Inc.

Knock, Inc. is a full-service, independent creative agency established in 2001 headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Through people- focused design, Knock puts customers and admirers at the center of the world, creating smart solutions by discipline and by touchpoint that builds love and loyalty.