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Deltek Insight 2021

Deltek Vantagepoint Users: Eight Reasons to Attend Deltek Insight 2021

Deltek Insight is coming to you virtually in September! Thousands of Deltek users will join together for two days of content, connection and customer appreciation. Deltek Vantagepoint users can hear directly from product managers, get insight into the roadmap and learn tips and tricks from the experts. You won’t want to miss this year’s lineup!

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Deltek Product Release Information

Better Nurture Client Relationships with Vantagepoint Connect

You already use Microsoft Outlook to manage your contacts and business development activities. Now included with Vantagepoint CRM, Vantagepoint Connect allows your teams to easily manage Vantagepoint information within Outlook to help turn more pursuits into projects.

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New Consulting Workshops: Get the Most Out of Vantagepoint in 2021

A lot may have changed since you first started using your Deltek software. The good news is that we have Virtual Consulting Workshops taught by a team of experts to help you reach peak performance. Each half-day workshop will include training, discussions and live lab environments.

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Deltek Product Tips and General Info

Pursue the Right Projects with a Go/No Go Process in Vantagepoint

Are you pursuing the right projects for your business? Manage your go/no go process in Vantagepoint CRM to turn more pursuits into wins.

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2020 Deltek Insight on Demand

Together, Virtually at Insight 2020

Deltek Insight pivoted to a virtual event this year. If you missed it, read about key updates from the Vantagepoint Product Management team about what's new and what's coming in Vantagepoint as well as an overview of other on-demand sessions for Deltek Insight 2020.

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Deltek Virtual Insight 2020

Vantagepoint Users: Top Reasons You Can't Miss Deltek's Virtual Insight User Conference

As a Vantagepoint user, don't miss the Deltek Insight virtual user conference to hear what's coming with Vantagepoint, learn best practices from the experts and connect with other Vantagepoint users.

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Deltek Product Events

Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Leverage Vantagepoint in the New Normal

In the latest Vantagepoint town hall, product experts share best practices for making Vantagepoint work better for you.

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Deltek Product Release Information

Create Sleek, Impressive Proposals with Vantagepoint

Creating proposals is not an easy task. Each project is unique and so is each proposal. See how Vantagepoint can help you quickly create proposals to illustrate your expertise and demonstrate why you are the best fit for the project.

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Why You Can't Miss Deltek Insight 2019

Deltek Insight delivers the greatest value to Deltek users so attendees walk away with what’s coming in their solution, how to leverage what you have and have the opportunity to meet the experts face to face. As a Deltek Vantagepoint user, you can't miss this year's conference. Read this post to find out why. 

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Deltek Product Release Information

New Release: Streamline Your Workflow with Vantagepoint

Streamlined workflows and enhanced visualizations are just two of the exciting ways the latest version of Vantagepoint will improve your business. The latest release includes numerous new features and enhancements that will make it easier for every member of your company to deliver projects. Read on to learn more!

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