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Posted by Deltek on February 18, 2021

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It’s easy to put long-term strategic goals like digital transformation on the backburner, especially for law firms that might be battling all kinds of day-to-day client challenges. But leading law firms are quickly discovering they need to deploy digital tools for lawyers sooner rather than later. A recent report from the Financial Times found that the top 15 law firms have already embraced digital transformation for both themselves and their clients.

It’s important firms start their digital transformation journeys as soon as possible – but it’s also critical these journeys aren’t rushed. For organizations as complex as law firms, you need a strategic, insight-driven approach to digital adoption that considers every component of your business.

We know that starting can be difficult, which is why we’ve created a guide with five clear steps you can take to prepare your law firm for digital transformation. It’s available to read now – but before you jump in, here are some key ideas to keep in mind when thinking about digital transformation for your firm.

Digitalize small processes and scale up

Law firms rely on a wide variety of teams and individuals to deliver valuable client services – from senior lawyers and partners, to junior lawyers and admin teams. Each of those individuals will have different digital needs and levels of digital confidence, which means you need to take careful consideration when adopting new technologies.

If you take a ‘big bang’ approach to transformation, it’s unlikely you’ll find solutions that will accommodate for most of your firm’s needs. Instead, it’s more strategic to start digitalizing small processes and scale up over time.

Starting small gives you a chance to understand how different teams work, and find a common approach that benefits everyone. We often find that digitalizing invoicing is a great place to start – it can be 100% automated to save time, reduce the flow of paper across the organization, and relieve some of the pressure on your admin team.


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Create connected experiences for your clients

Digital transformation isn’t just about improving efficiencies across your firm. It’s also a chance for you to create new value for your clients with modern legal experiences.

As other industries work to better connect and personalize the customer experience, clients will begin to expect the same from their lawyers – and with the right digital strategy, you can meet those expectations. From providing an online portal for clients to see the progress of their cases, to uploading specific legal document templates for clients to access, digital tools open the door to all kinds of new service opportunities.

These digital changes won’t just create better experiences for your clients – they have the potential to improve revenue too. Offering a more connected and modern experience with digital tools puts you in easier access of your clients, enabling you to raise your hourly rate, and even introduce digital-only services that create new revenue streams.

Prepare with our five steps for transformation

As a law firm, your clients have high expectations, which means there’s no room for error in your digital transformation strategy. That’s why it’s critical you have a technology partner by your side that understands the complex industry you operate in and has the expertise to guide you in the right direction.

But for now, start with our new guide to find out the five steps you can take to prepare your law firm for digital transformation.


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