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Three Tips to Attract and Retain High-End Talent

How To Attract and Retain High-End Talent

Find out how to retain your top employees and hire talented new ones with these three simple tips.

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challenges and opportunities for consulting firms

Challenges And Opportunities For Consulting Firms In 2015

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities Consulting firms will face in 2015.

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What Does It Take To Execute A Winning Bid In The Consulting Sector?

What Does It Take To Execute A Winning Bid In The Consulting Sector?

Consulting firms list growth as a top priority, with many recognising how ERP software solutions are a key player in the process.

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if your business is built on spreadsheets

If Your Business Is Built On Spreadsheets, You Need To Read This...

How you know it’s time to trade in your spreadsheets for a true fit-for-purpose ERP business system to maximise productivity and profits.

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creating profitable projects

Do You Always Know How Profitable Your Projects Are?

Many Professional Services firms do not know before it's too late whether their projects are profitable or not. But how late is too late? And what can you do about it?

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why do CFOs want Enterprise Respurce Planning?

Why Do CFOs Want Enterprise Resource Planning?

Using ERP that is purpose built for your industry enables CFOs to gain control and visibility, access predictable results and guide their firm to out perform expectations

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resource planning tools

Does Investing In Resource Planning Tools Pay Off?

Can resource planning and management tools have an impact on a firms bottom line?

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opportunities for consulting firms

What Lies Ahead For Consultancy Firms In 2014?

UK Consultancy firms are presented with a number of significant opportunities in 2014, yet must also be aware of the potential challenges to growing their business.

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