How Consultancies Can Leverage LinkedIn for Maximum Sales Impact

Posted by Deltek on April 27, 2021

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TwitterTweet it:'According to the 2021 Hinge High Growth Study: Consulting Edition, the percentage of new leads coming from digital and social sources such as Linkedin reached an all-time high last year and expectations are that 2021 will be even higher.'

With 2020 well and truly behind us, many consulting firms will be shifting their focus from survival to growth. If you are like most other firms, you are leveraging social media and digital advertising to attract new leads. According to the 2021 Hinge High Growth Study: Consulting Edition, the percentage of new leads coming from digital and social sources such as Linkedin reached an all-time high last year and expectations are that 2021 will be even higher. With that in mind we would like to share some key takeaways for leveraging LinkedIn from social selling expert Samantha McKenna which she shared with us at the 2021 #TeamDeltek Sales Kickoff.

Tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn and other social sales outreach programs.

Connect on an Individual Level

LinkedIn connections can reveal plenty of personal information, so take time to gather intel. Knowing where someone went to school, where they are from, or what their interests are can be invaluable. You can almost always find some way to connect beyond “just business”, so customize your conversation to suit each contact!

Add Personal Insight to Outbound InMails

“Show me you know me” is a sales-communications classic, but what does it really mean? It’s about showcasing your knowledge of their challenges. Step back from vanilla email subject lines that mention a deal or simply name the solution. Instead, let them know you possess the answer to their issues. That will get their attention and drive opens.

It Pays to Be Different

Anybody can say they are better than the competition. It’s easy to compare similarities. What are your solutions offering that is distinct or even unique? Talk about what sets you apart because when it comes to keeping options in mind, differences stick!

Once You Connect, Deliver the Goods

When someone requests a case study, data sheet, pricing -- whatever it may be -- of course you’re going to get it to them pronto. Let them know specifically when to expect it and follow through without fail. If you can’t deliver something as promised (maybe you’re waiting for another team to share some numbers) make contact as promised anyway and set fresh delivery expectations.

A Little Echo Goes a Long Way

Recent research from Forrester confirms that the number one thing B2B buyers want from their sellers is the ability to demonstrate genuine interest in their needs. It’s beyond simply being conversational. Ask questions that invite explanations of what really troubles your prospects, echoing what you hear as you unpack their needs, and presenting the solutions you have at the ready.


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Share Your Gratitude

Saying thanks should extend well beyond the C-Level. Let everyone who participated in a conference call or Zoom session know you appreciated their presence. Recap what was covered, the expectations set, and that you’re looking forward to the next opportunity to talk. Loop everyone in so the sense of value and respect resonates throughout the organization. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, send a hand-written thank-you note. Nobody does that anymore, and it will definitely make an impression!

Think of Discovery Calls as First Dates

This is a great way to view the earliest interactions, it demands you do a lot more listening than talking. We can all identify with those one-sided conversations where the person across the table could only talk about themselves, so it’s no surprise that there’s seldom a second date. Instead, keep asking them questions and get them to talk about what’s happening with their team, their landscape, their challenges.

Make the Next Call Even More Valuable

It’s a straightforward and powerful way to wrap up a call: Who should we have on our next conversation? Who else on their team should know about what you just discussed? Who up the Chain of Command would appreciate being included? Plant those seeds and the call after your discovery call could be packed with the real decision makers you need to move things ahead at light speed.

Bonus Tip: Leverage LinkedIn Publishing

If you don’t have much of your own thought leadership content yet, take advantage of LinkedIn Publishing, which lets you write and post your own articles. Don't try to sell. Instead, choose subjects that will be of interest to your audience and that will position you as a thought leader.


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