The Top IT And Management Consulting Blogs In 2019

Posted by Deltek on December 19, 2019

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As we approach the start of the New Year, we've taken the opportunity to look back on the past 12 months. In the spirit of this reflection, we’ve compiled a list of the most read IT and Management Consulting blogs in 2019.

Each article links to complementary resources for further guidance on each topic. Happy reading!

  1. Client Spotlight: 18 Hours With Mott MacDonald’s Development Manager Simon Bell
    We spent 18 hours with Mott MacDonald’s Development Manager Simon Bell as he travelled from Sheffield to London visiting clients, and watched his team win a home league match.
  2. The Month-End Process: How to Accelerate Each Step
    Tied up in invoicing and timesheet red-tape? Find out how technology solutions can streamline your month-end process.
  3. What impact will digital and emerging tech have on business models in the Professional Services industry?
    Attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum discussed our recent research findings and share how they believe digital and emerging tech is impacting business models in the professional services industry.
  4. Neil Davidson, VP Of Enterprise On The Firm Of The Future
    Deltek's VP of Enterprise, Neil Davidson, ponders the firm of the future and how to get into the right mindset for what's to come.
  5. How To Set The Right Project Baseline And Stay On Target
    Projects fail for all sorts of reasons, including inadequate staffing, lack of planning, poor cost estimating or scope creep. Find out how to set a project baseline to keep your projects on track for successful delivery.
  6. Five Major Challenges Facing The Global Consulting Industry
    Consulting firms play a vital role in helping businesses across fields as diverse as business strategy, manufacturing and supply chain, sales and marketing, and human resources. While the sector’s diversity means it is able to weather change like few others, our research shows it still faces a myriad of challenges in the era of digitalised business.
  7. Pricing Professional Services: It’s Time To Rethink Existing Models
    Clients hold more sway in today's climate and are demanding greater value and flexibility at lower prices. Providers must respond to protect profit margins. Our latest blog explores some of the alternative approaches they can take to pricing professional services.
  8. IDC: Visibility a Key Aspect for High Performing Management Consulting Firms
    Deltek Vantagepoint moves the advanced Cloud ERP market forward—providing visibility from pursuit to engagement close out—which is an absolute must for high performing Management Consulting firms.
  9. Are You Prepared For These 5 Common Software Implementation Challenges?
    Are you considering implementing new software at your firm, or about to start your journey and looking for some guidance? Based on years of working with companies of all sizes, Adrian Anastas shares his top 5 software implementation challenges and how to tackle them.
  10. Mastering Disruption: Can Professional Services Companies Harness Technological Change?
    Managing technological change is no easy task. Our latest blog discusses the possible risks and what can be done to avoid the 4 most common pitfalls.

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Best Wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year!

The Deltek Team