Deltek Customers: Why Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy, Inertia, Chose PIM

Posted by deltek on April 3, 2019

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Inertia Consulting were looking to gain a clearer view of financial performance at project level.

Why Inertia Consulting Chose Deltek PIM


"Several members of the team recommended Deltek because of its user friendliness and the transformation they had seen it make to other practices."



To continuously improve their business performance and improve their management systems, Inertia Consulting have chosen Deltek as their PIM partner. From a review of business performance, duplication and misfiling of information was identified as a key performance risk, potentially reducing productivity and providing a distorted view across project performance.

They needed an integrated solution that captured all fees, invoices, time, expenses and disbursements, alongside forecast and budget information, to improve clarity over financial performance at project level. With Deltek they will gain just that as data is entered directly into the system without the need for manual re-keying, ensuring access to accurate real time information and reporting.

“We can see that Deltek will significantly reduce time spent on accounting and HR processes and free our Engineers up to do what they are good at…Design, Inspection and Testing of structures, rather than finding files and templates or data entry” David Roome, Director

As Inertia Consulting progress through implementation, we will be keeping in touch and sharing their transformational journey.

What Is PIM?

A Project Information Management (PIM) strategy and system offers an efficient and easy way of managing your project information. Your PIM strategy can, and should, cover all of the information created and shared as part of your projects. Whether you are an architect, engineer, construction consultant or contractor, having PIM in place will assist in the smooth running of your projects. ( Find out more on the blog: 'What Is PIM?' ).

About Inertia Consulting

Derby-based Inertia Consulting provide a range of award-winning bridge and civil engineering structure consultancy services to private and public sector clients across the UK and overseas.

Inertia Consulting operates in rail, highways, water, energy, legal, and commercial and residential construction sectors. Their integrated service offering spans civil engineering consultancy and design, bridge inspection and stock management, non-destructive testing, structural monitoring, capacity assessment, temporary works and more.


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