The Top Construction, Engineering and Architecture Blogs In 2018

Posted by Deltek on December 19, 2018

Architecture Blogs

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As we approach the start of the New Year, we've taken the opportunity to look back on the past 12 months. In the spirit of this reflection, we’ve compiled a list of the most read Construction, Engineering and Architecture blogs in 2018.

Each article links to complementary resources for further guidance on each topic. Happy reading!

  1. What Is PIM And Why Do You Need It?

    Discover why a Project Information Management (PIM) strategy and system is so important for built environment businesses.
  2. 6 AEC Industry Experts Give Their Top Tips On Getting More From Your People And Projects

    Getting the most out of people and projects is vital for AEC businesses if they are to maximise profits. Hear from 6 industry experts on how they are seeing success.
  3. What Is BIM And How Can It Benefit The Design And Construction Process?

    What is BIM and who does it benefit? Our latest blog explores this well referenced topic, offers a definition, and looks at the tools and technologies needed to allow for the true collaboration BIM promises.
  4. Project Technology For AEC Firms: 10 Reasons Why Now Is The Time to Take Advantage

    Are your information challenges caused by technology misuse? Here are a few thoughts on why now is the right time to take advantage of project technology to help you manage your information.
  5. The Fundamentals Of Managing Design Deliverables

    Design deliverables are crucial to the successful running and completion of AEC projects. Here are the fundamentals of managing this type of project information.
  6. Big Data In Architecture: Here's How It's Changing The Way Firms Deliver Projects

    Do you and your colleagues understand the opportunities big data in architecture unlocks, in this new ‘connected economy’?
  7. Do recent developments in the construction industry suggest importance must be placed on project governance?

    Our recent study found that 45% of capital projects are delayed by 6 or more months, with 92% of these delays down to poor management. Here's why project governance can prevent firms becoming part of the statistic.
  8. How Effective Is Your Contract Management Process?

    As with other documentation and information that makes up your projects, having an efficient process in place for contract management is vital to your business.
  9. Keeping Up With Technology Trends In The AEC Industry
    Secure, reliable accounting and project management software with advanced functionality and the ability to automate tasks is a necessity for running a profitable AEC firm. Here are the red flags that tell you when your software is becoming a liability.
  10. 5 Reasons Why Your AEC Firm Needs Project Information Management

    Information is central to the success of project-based work, yet many organisations fail to establish processes that support project teams with the management of this information. Here are 5 questions to help you establish if your firm is calling out for Project Information Management.

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Best Wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year!

The Deltek Team