What We Can Learn From 2015 In The Consulting Engineering Industry

Posted by Blair Pringle, New Business Director on January 20, 2016


Prince Philip started 2016 with an accolade to the engineering community. He says: "The whole of our infrastructure, from sewers to power supplies and communication, everything that wasn’t invented by God is invented by an engineer."

With such an integral role to play in global prosperity and wellbeing, it's essential that engineering firms free up the time they need so they can dedicate it to solving some of the biggest challenges the world faces.

This means spending some time thinking about your business processes, and how they might be improved so that you can get more done for less.

Technology drives productivity

This will undoubtedly involve future proofing your firm in 2016 so that it can stand tall on a technological front.

As part of the government's 'Digital Britain' vision, businesses across all sectors will be further encouraged to improve the technological strength of their firms.

This is because those at the centre of the campaign understand there is an intrinsic link between firms adopting digital systems and an increase in their own productivity.

More time to spend on bigger things

When you consider the evidence, it's pretty easy to understand why this correlation has been made. 

Implement a business platform such as an enterprise resource system (ERP), for example, and you can eliminate many of the day to day tasks that so often burden your staff.    

Consultants can be empowered to update time and expense data via a mobile app whist on the go and this can help them manage their schedule. Transferring time and expense data straight into invoices could save time by avoiding duplicated effort.

'One click' sales proposals; working collaboratively as a team via online platforms; the creation of instant reports and documents: It can all add up to an significant increase in output for busy firms.

Turning fortune in your favour

With even a fraction more time on their hands and less leg work to do, your workforce will be more able to stay focused on  priority tasks. It will mean they are in a position to increase their productivity, help them think more creatively and even seek out those golden opportunities that could turn your businesses' fortune around for good.

Solving global challenges

Building a sound digital strategy will help your firm operate efficiently and productively from the outset. From there, the challenge is to then design a sustainable strategy for growth that will make  2016 a happy one, and take your firm forward into even more prosperous years ahead.

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