The Consulting Firm Reinvented

Posted by Brian LaMee, Senior Director, Product Marketing on November 6, 2015

The Consulting Firm Reinvented

The Consulting Firm Reinvented

Today’s consulting firms face increasing competition in the marketplace and growing customer-demand ̶ so the pressure is on to modernize your business model and maximize profitability. Legacy IT systems, off-the shelf applications, customizations and disparate data silos fail to provide you with the visibility you need. And managing multiple platforms is complex, time consuming and costly.

Advances in technologies are changing the way consulting firms operate and integrated solutions help you become more efficient by driving industry-specific best practices. Consulting firms like yours can now benefit from total visibility of your resourcing and financial functions. And increasingly mobilized teams of consultants also benefit from access to applications, data and customer information on-demand, increasing their productivity and enhancing customer value.

Cloud enabling your applications provides you with ‘always-on’ access without the need for messy virtual private networks (VPNs) or complex virtualization terminals.

Adopting the latest ERP can also make you more agile, responsive and better informed - good for you and great for your clients. As today’s enterprise planning and management solutions support collaboration across departments and you can apply the right mix of skills to a project more easily. And because they deliver the visibility and actionable insights you need to make better-informed decisions, you could become a far more strategic asset to your clients.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Because today’s consultants work from clients’ sites, home offices and other remote locations, they demand secure access to all the resources they need. Providing them with the flexibility to work whenever, wherever and however they need will improve their work-life balance and make your consulting firm more responsive. In today’s competitive talent marketplace, providing such flexible working arrangements raises your human capital management (HCM) levels. It also cuts employee burn-out and helps you attract and retain the best talent.

Enabling real-time information sharing with clients, stakeholders and colleagues makes you more agile and responsive, while greater visibility into your operations will help make you more profitable.

Be More Strategic For Your Clients

Today, IT is regarded more as an enabler for generating revenue than a support function. And with greater pressure on IT budgets to deliver more, any investments you make in technology must streamline your operations without increasing your costs.

To stay ahead of market trends, remain competitive and become more strategic to clients, your project planning and financial management solutions must provide you with total visibility of your operations. To aid your strategic decision making, IT needs to help you become more agile, responsive and better informed.

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