Empower Your Team With The Right Agency Management Tool

Posted by Leslie Durrell-Loveday, Marketing & Creative Agency Specialist at Deltek Traffic Live on January 21, 2015

Empower Your Team With The Right Agency Management Tool

Arguably the most valuable asset of your agency is your staff. And therefore it’s significant that your staff work with an agency management tool that can smooth the path to a more effective work environment and enhanced studio efficiency. A result of which will be a more fruitful studio output with the desired increase in productivity.

Get An Integrated System

Agencies regularly use a mixture of unconnected and ineffective management tools to organise and administer the creative studio. Staff are often given no choice but to muddle through their daily work routine using an array of disparate processes thus increasing their workload needlessly. In order to get the most out of your team and reduce the large amounts of administration it’s a ‘no brainer’ to employ an agency management tool that’s user friendly.

Look For A User Friendly Tool

There is always a stigma around entering timesheets with a certain lack of motivation from a team to prioritise administration over more creative tasks. Using a number of different tools will only increase the problem whilst also reducing the ability to gain true and accurate data from your team. A user friendly agency management tool will allow you to gather precise time, task and job data providing you the means to discover and iron out hold ups and overrunning work.

By employing a management tool that your team positively respond to whilst also working in a more logically structured and coordinated manner will increase motivation and provide you with precise data on jobs. This data can yield the information required to enhance your organisations profitability.

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