7 Common Timesheet Gripes and How You Can Move Staff Past Them

Posted by Hans Henrik Furøy, Sales Manager on August 12, 2014

common timesheet issues

A good timesheet management system, most often integrated within a complete ERP, is essential to proper project planning and billing – here’s how to motivate staff to provide the information you need.

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The management teams of all companies that fulfill projects for clients will understand the need to get their staff to fill in timesheets. A robust timesheet management system will help you to better manage your resources, your employees’ time and, most importantly, this can all add together to help you increase your project margin. 

However, all project-based companies will also understand how difficult it can be to get their staff to actually fill in their timesheets. In the presentation below you will find out how to overcome the seven most common objections to filling in timesheets. From not having enough time, to not being able to access the timesheet management system remotely, to concerns that staff are being ‘spied’ on, we will give you all of the answers you need to make sure that timesheets are filled in on time, with accurate information and with staff buy-in.