For Architecture And Engineering Firms: Time To Invest In Client Satisfaction

Posted by Blair Pringle, New Business Director on July 8, 2014

invest in client success

Our report into the architect and engineering sector this year reveals business leaders in the A&E industry are turning their focus to 'improving customer relationships' and are equally prepared to invest in new systems and processes that will help nurture and secure long-term customer bonds.

In fact 63% of architects and engineers interviewed reveal they will invest in client surveys and communication to ensure better expectation setting and issue resolution. Furthermore, 93% of engineering firms are looking to invest in technology in the next eighteen months. With a combined focus on improving customer satisfaction and technological investment, firms obviously want to raise their game when it comes to improving their core services with the aim of gaining that competitive edge.

Technology for better service

When you consider the advantages, it’s not surprising leaders turn to technology to improve and refine their client/supplier relationships. An enterprise resource planning system (ERP), for instance, will deliver a range of visible benefits that your clients will love. From helping you create the right account team for a particular project to automating processes with the effect of improving delivery times, an ERP system will provide your clients a level of professionalism that will make them feel valued – and coming back for more.

Achieve your business objectives

But the benefits of enterprise resource planning software doesn’t stop there because it not only has the power to keep the projects' objectives on track for the benefit of your customers, it also helps firms monitor service levels. And for the Architecture and Engineering industry this has to be very good news because our research also shows that scope creep is a common profit drain for many - with 27% of a firm’s expected revenue lost during the course of a project's lifetime.

With so much to gain, it’s little wonder so many firms are planning on system investment in 2014 to boost customer satisfaction and in turn increase profitability. Is it therefore time for your firm to follow suit and consider the possibilities that could eventually fend off even the most vigorous of competition?