Deltek Maconomy - The Perfect Fit For Your Professional Services Firm

Posted by Drew West, Product Marketing Director on February 12, 2014

Our recent series has described how your current business management systems could be dragging down profits and slowing growth, and even taught you what to look for in an ideal system for a Professional Services firm like yours. If your firm is at a tipping point and your search for a solution has reached a crossroads, take a deep look at Deltek Maconomy – the only management system specifically built to help your organisation get better results from your people, more revenue from their work, and higher profit from their time.

Deltek Maconomy - Easy approach, exceptional results

Consistent profitability comes from planning accurately – and accuracy means having wide visibility across your firm. But plans inevitably change, so people must respond correctly whenever change is needed. That means having tighter control over the decisions people make. To gain the visibility and control your Professional Services firm needs, your ideal business management system must offer 3 essential attributes:

  1. Complete & Connected – one single solution for the entire firm, from front-office to back-office 
  2. Architected for Professional Services – designed to manage projects and maximise capacity 
  3. Easy to Own – ready-to-run, easy to adapt when you need to, and simple to deploy

What are the benefits of using Deltek Maconomy?

Deltek Maconomy is a business management system unlike any other – built to help Professional Services firms make accurate plans of all kinds, correctly respond whenever change is needed, and constantly improve results so your business can grow. For decades, all types of Professional Services firms have turned to Deltek Maconomy for complete visibility across the organisation, total control over projects, and deep insight into the real reasons behind results:

1. Get Complete Visibility

You want to know what’s happening – with accurate status of people and projects, current to the last recorded hour. Deltek Maconomy brings you complete visibility of clients, projects, resources, and financials. Instead of isolated information spread across disconnected systems, Deltek Maconomy brings you a comprehensive view of your entire organisation, completely connected & always current. Instead of being unsure, you can plan with certainty.

“Deltek Maconomy gives comprehensive visibility into client resource requirements, speeding our ability to track and project profitability.”
Quote from a UK-based advertising agency

2. Get Total Control

Client requests, scope changes, or staffing issues force your people to make urgent decisions – all of which impact profits. Unlike disconnected systems, Deltek Maconomy’s connected workflow guides each project phase – so you’re more certain that well-intended decisions won’t also be unprofitable ones. Workflow guides users through appropriate steps of selecting resources, posting time, or setting project budgets. Issues like unacceptable margin, low realisation, or over-utilisation are promptly identified – and decision-makers with a complete view of the past, the present, and expected future results can easily see how corrective actions will impact the project’s timeline, budget, or margin.

“The profitability of projects has improved, thanks to our ability to detect that the original project assumptions are no longer valid.”
Quote from a European consulting firm

3. Get Deep Insight

Improving your results means knowing why things didn’t work – and repeating success means knowing what did. But islands of inconsistent information make it nearly impossible to transform basic data into knowledge you can trust. That’s why Deltek Maconomy pulls everything together, keeping everything in context so you can “connect the dots” between decisions and results. Information that is no longer conflicting is sure to be trusted, and sure to be used when it’s available on-demand whenever and however it’s needed. Instead of unexplained results, Deltek Maconomy brings your firm the deep insight necessary to drive continuous improvement.

“We’ve been able to improve effectiveness and the overall performance of the business.”
Quote from a leading UK creative firm

Instead of complicated deployments that eat up IT resources and leave everyone frustrated, you want quick value without lots of headaches. Since Deltek Maconomy is architected especially for Professional Services firms, it doesn’t need complex configuration – it already has the financial reporting, key performance indicators, and project breakdown structure firms like yours need. Clients can deploy Deltek Maconomy on-site, or access through a low-overhead cloud option that leaves updates, maintenance, and security to Deltek. And unlike your outdated impossible-to-modify systems, Deltek Maconomy easily adapts whenever you need to make a change.

Are you looking for better results from your people, higher profits from their work, and faster growth for your firm? If your firm has reached a tipping point, and you’re looking for the ideal business management system built especially for Professional Services firms, look no further than Deltek Maconomy.