Client Spotlight: 18 Hours With Mott MacDonald’s Development Manager Simon Bell

May 02, 2019

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We spent 18 hours with Mott MacDonald’s Development Manager Simon Bell as he travelled from Sheffield to London visiting clients, and watched his team win a home league match.

4:45AM: Alarm goes off. I’m an early bird and like to prioritise my morning workouts. If I can work out every day I’m a really happy person.

6:00AM: I’m showered and changed. I take a quick scan of my emails whilst I eat eggs, avocado and turkey bacon.

6:45AM: Now it’s peddle to the floor and in a taxi to the train station. I need to collect my tickets, because today’s client visit was scheduled very last minute.

7:30AM: On-route to London. I make the best of this time and work on slides for the client. I also check emails from my team of project managers and approve all my invoices whilst drinking my first protein coffee of the day. Technology has definitely transitioned from a competitive advantage to a competitive requirement and saves me a great deal of time.

9:45AM: I arrive into London and take a tube to our offices. There’s a warmth in the air and it feels like spring has come early.

10:30AM: I meet with the programme team and get a status update on how our client is getting on. And then it’s back on the tube to Westminster, this time with the entire team. We have a much more informal catch-up on the client slides I prepared earlier.

11:45AM: It’s an unusually beautiful day in London, so we get off a stop early and walk across the Thames to the client’s office. I work with the friendliest people and get a huge satisfaction from spending time with them.


"Technology has definitely transitioned from a competitive advantage to a competitive requirement and saves me a great deal of time."



12:30PM: We arrive at the client site for a 12:45PM kick off. We run through the latest developments, risks and challenges and discuss the design brief. The client have very kindly provided lunch whilst we plan next steps and schedule the following month’s meeting. Both I and the PM on the client side record and verify actions.

3:30PM: I take the team for a quick drink and de-brief. A rare and necessary treat. We collect our thoughts and discuss the minutes from the meeting which I will distribute later today. Football is also top of the agenda, I’m looking forward to tonight’s Sheffield United match.

5PM: Back at my desk and I share all the details and the success of the meeting with my boss. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we set the bar very high. Thankfully I have the team and technology to accomplish this. We use an internal collaboration tool as part of our ERP solution. I like transparency and ask that specific progress details be documented in our project management tool. I update and circulate the minutes from today’s meeting.

7:00PM: I am heading back to Sheffield. It’s been a long day. I submit my time sheet and expenses and issue a subcontract to our supplier for the next work package agreed during our earlier meeting. I call my family to check in before taking a much needed 15 minute snooze.

8:30PM: It feels good to be home. Time to hang with the family and enjoy a glass of red. Sheffield United score another home win. A super end to my day.

10:00PM: A quick skim over my emails to make sure there are no pressing matters from the team.

10:30PM: In bed. Trying to watch last season’s episodes of Game of Thrones before the new one begins. 20 minutes in and I have to call it a night. I turn on my bedtime meditation and I’m zzzz.


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