Cybersecurity Building Momentum for the Defense Joint Information Environment (JIE), According to Deltek

New Deltek report examines DoD’s progress on the JIE and its impact on cybersecurity and adoption of emerging technologies

HERNDON, Va. – January 17, 2016 – According to Deltek’s new GovWin IQ report – Defense IT: Priorities and Strategies, 2017 and Beyond – rapidly shifting cyber threats are driving the Department of Defense’s implementation of the new Joint Information Environment (JIE). The JIE will address key vulnerabilities in Department of Defense (DoD) IT infrastructure, enabling it to take advantage of emerging capabilities in cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data, mobility, business systems, health IT, and unmanned systems.

However, uncertainty abounds as budget pressures continue to loom and a new administration takes office. Ongoing efforts to transform the defense IT ecosystem into the JIE demonstrate the DoD’s intent to keep cost consciousness front-and-center while addressing critical security and standardization requirements.

JIE development also underpins DoD’s adoption of cloud computing and big data. Deltek anticipates opportunities will develop for government contractors that provide on-premise data center services and Software-as-a-Service capabilities. DoD also intends to harness big data analytics within its new environment to enhance cybersecurity and support the use of emerging technologies such as autonomous unmanned systems and the Internet of Things.


  • JIE – DoD’s goal is to have most networks integrated into the JIE by the end of FY 2018, which may not be feasible given the level of complexity and number of networks. Army continues to be moving the most aggressively towards this goal, followed by Air Force and the Navy/USMC, whose progress will rest largely on the shoulders of the winner of the Next Generation Enterprise Networks Re-compete (NGEN-R) contract.
  • Cyber – Cybersecurity is DoD’s number one priority, heightened by increasing threats and the need for skilled cyber professionals. Securing vulnerable networked weapon systems and transitioning to more secure Windows 10 are near-term challenges.
  • Cloud – Rapidly evolving governance and technical infrastructure suggest that the DoD will have all the major pieces in place by the end of FY 2017 to unleash a surge in cloud spending and the use of contractor-owned and operated commercial clouds at DoD facilities.
  • Emerging Technologies – The FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will usher in changes to the DoD’s technology acquisition and administrative structure that enable the DoD to accept more risk and experiment with acquiring emerging technologies more rapidly.
  • Big Data – Defense customers continue to leverage big data solutions for cybersecurity, business systems, and health IT, but fragmentary data management strategies and the scarcity of chief data officers is hampering enterprise-level adoption.
  • Mobility – Securing the vulnerabilities that mobile devices present is the number one challenge to expanding mobile access across the DoD. New multi-factor authentication approaches should provide a solution.


“One of DoD’s biggest challenges is in integrating cyber into other warfare domains and technology. The JIE is intended to provide the infrastructure – interoperable, standardized, and based on open architecture – to accomplish security goals and make it easier to incorporate cyber into broader operational strategies.”

John Slye, Advisory Research Analyst, Deltek

“President-elect Trump’s budgetary vision for the DoD will determine the scope of the opportunity for innovation. If properly funded, opportunities will develop in emerging areas in cybersecurity, autonomy, and cloud architecture.”

Alex Rossino, Senior Principal Research Analyst, Deltek


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According to #Deltek report, FY 2017 defense authorization could make it easier for DoD to innovate

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