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Leading Nordic Law Firm Roschier Selects Deltek Maconomy Cloud ERP

After a thorough market assessment, Roschier realised that Deltek’s modern Cloud ERP solution, purpose-built for law firms, would provide the firm with a solid platform for running their business more efficiently.

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Management Reporting

8 Best Practices For Management Reporting In A Project-Based Business

Does your firm spend hundreds of hours producing reports, only to find they aren’t timely or don’t provide sufficient information to make important decisions? If so, this best practice guide will help you understand how to improve management reporting and ultimately improve business profitability.

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built environment stories

The Built Environment: Stories You Might Have Missed October 2019

October saw an increasing focus on the role of architects and engineers in fighting climate change, and predictably, Brexit continued to sit top of the agenda. Here are ten stories you might have missed last month.

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European a and e firms

How to Increase Productivity and Profit During Uncertain Times

The Architecture and Engineering (A&E) market is dynamic and has always seen positive change. As new design trends emerge, such as BIM, Digital Twins and Green Architecture, as well as efforts to reduce the problems associated with environmental disasters, the A&E market will continue to remain vibrant.

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Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation: How To Plan Effectively For The Short and Long Term

In service and knowledge-based industries such as the AEC industries and Consulting, people are a firm’s most valuable resource. That means effective resource allocation is vital to achieve best-practice outcomes on each and every project.

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Digital construction week

4 Firms We Met At Digital Construction Week 2019

At this year's Digital Construction week we took the opportunity to catch-up with 4 fellow exhibitors and get their take on the main conversation themes - here's what they had to say.

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project baseline

How To Set The Right Project Baseline And Stay On Target

Best-practice project management relies on three key building blocks, including setting a project baseline to guide the smooth delivery and financial management of successful projects.

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Architectus’ CFO Shares Their Experience Of Using Deltek For 10 Years

Since implementing Deltek, Architectus has grown substantially—from 40 people to around 450 across Australasia over the past 5 years—while maintaining a collaborative culture. Chief Financial Officer, George Panos, shares their story.

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challenges in consulting

Five Major Challenges Facing The Global Consulting Industry

Consulting firms play a vital role in helping businesses across fields as diverse as business strategy, manufacturing and supply chain, sales and marketing, and human resources. While the sector’s diversity means it is able to weather change like few others, our research shows it still faces a myriad of challenges in the era of digitalised business.

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technology in construction

[Part 2] Technology In Construction: What Do Industry Leaders Recommend?

Is your business in danger of falling behind, when it comes to technology in construction? Three leading firms suggest how to make the leap, before it’s too late.

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project control systems

[Watch] Engineering Consultants Engenium Use Deltek As A One-Stop Hub For All Business

We recently caught up with Gareth Whittle, Engenium's Corporate Services Manager, to hear how they've doubled in size since implementing Deltek and have seen increased efficiencies in finance and payroll and detailed project and resource reporting.

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Fulton Trotter Architects

[Watch] Fulton Trotter Architects Improve Their Culture & Bottom Line With Deltek

Fulton Trotter have been live with Deltek for over 2 years. Robert Wesener, MD of the 73 year old practice shares where they're seeing the benefits financially and culturally.

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Consulting growth strategy

Leading Consultancy 6point6 Select Deltek To Support Their Ambitious Growth Strategy

Leading technology consultancy 6point6 have been going from strength to strength and recently made the decision to invest in Deltek Vantagepoint to support its ambitious growth strategy. We find out why in our latest blog.

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risk and compliance

Risk & Compliance: Latest Research Reveals Firms Are Struggling To Keep Up

The professional services industry is often tasked with keeping their clients in step with new global regulatory rules and compliance measures. However, according to our recent research, many firms are struggling to keep up with the rate of change themselves.

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software for architecture

[Watch] Elevation architecture: Deltek Saves Us $100,000 + In Productive Time Each Year

Elevation Architecture needed a low-maintenance system to support their growth and reduce administrative burden. Discover how they’ve simplified business management and gained a competitive edge.

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construction software

[Video] Thomas & Adamson On Why They Can't Imagine Operating Without Deltek

We recently caught up with Alastair Wallace, senior partner of international construction consultancy, Thomas & Adamson, to understand why they chose Deltek software and where their growing team are seeing the benefits.

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6 Key Takeaways From The ACE's 2019 Digital Leadership Conference

We were honored to attend and exhibit at last week's Digital Leadership Conference hosted by the ACE. Here are our 6 key takeaways from the day.

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JDA Architects use Deltek

[Watch] Deltek Reflected Us: JDA Architects' Director Shares Their PIM Journey

We recently caught up with Rob Henderson, Director of JDA Architects, to find out why he believes Deltek software was the right choice for them, and what they hope to achieve.

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Consulting and engineering awards

Women In Construction Take Centre Stage At The 2019 Consultancy And Engineering Awards

Last night we were honoured to attend and sponsor the 2019 Consultancy & Engineering Awards, led by an all female presenting team. Here are the night's highlights and overall winners.

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document control

[Video] Ashburner Francis: How We Gained Document Control With Deltek

"The primary difference between the system we have now (Deltek) and what we’ve had in the past is the document control." Pete Caune, Ashburner Francis. Watch the full story here.

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investing in emerging tech

[Video] Investing In Emerging Tech: CEOs Vs Heads Of Projects

Only 16% of CEOs expect to invest in emerging technology compared with 51% of Heads of Projects. Why is there such a large difference? We ask experts at the Digital Leaders Forum what they think.

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Deltek Customer Balsham

Balsham Building Take Their Varied Project Portfolio To The Cloud With Deltek

Balsham Building Ltd recently chose to move to the Cloud with Deltek PIM. Discover why they selected Deltek to help manage their varied project portfolio.

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Project control

Fender Katsalidis: How We Gained Project Control

Fender Katsalidis consistently designs buildings that reach for the sky and continually expand the possibilities of architecture and construction. Find out what grounds the practice, and ensures its ongoing profitability and growth.

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mott macdonald

Client Spotlight: 18 Hours With Mott MacDonald’s Development Manager Simon Bell

We spent 18 hours with Mott MacDonald’s Development Manager Simon Bell as he travelled from Sheffield to London visiting clients, and watched his team win a home league match.

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Zebra chooses Deltek ERP

Design Firm Zebra To Consolidate Business Systems With Deltek ERP

Growing Dubai-based interior design firm Zebra have selected Deltek ERP to help them optimise project delivery.

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Allies and Morrison partner with Deltek

Allies And Morrison Select Deltek Vantagepoint To Power Their Project Success

Award-winning architecture and urbanism practice Allies and Morrison selects Deltek to improve project delivery and efficiency.

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Deltek customers

Deltek Customers: Why UMC Architects Chose PIM

New Deltek Customers UMC Architects explain why they chose PIM to support their commitment to delivering “best in class” services.

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MCA Awards 2019: The Winners

We had the honour of sponsoring this year's MCA Awards, an annual opportunity to celebrate talented consultants achieving great things. Hear are the 2019 winners.

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Deltek customers

Deltek Customers: Why Ashcourt Construction Chose PIM

Ashcourt Construction bring calm to the information chaos as they go live with Deltek Project Information Management

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managing complex projects

Managing Complex Projects: Strategies For Architecture Practices

How well equipped is your architecture firm for managing complex projects? Former architect and Management in Action founder Jennekin Dicks advises how practices can harness the value of data and people.

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software implementation plan

A&E Software Implementation: 3 Essential Tips From A Seasoned Pro

Bernie Hall, a former IT Project Manager in the AEC sector, shares her 3 tips for a successful software implementation plan.

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[Video] Hear From The Experts: What Impact Will Digital And Emerging Tech Have On Business Models In The Professional Services Industry?

Attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum discussed our recent research findings and share how they believe digital and emerging tech is impacting business models in the professional services industry.

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management consulting blogs

The Top IT And Management Consulting Blogs In 2018

As we prepare to welcome the New Year, we've compiled a list of the most read IT and Management Consulting blogs on our site in 2018.

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Architecture Blogs

The Top Construction, Engineering and Architecture Blogs In 2018

As we prepare to welcome the New Year, we've compiled a list of the most read Construction, Engineering, and Architecture blogs for 2018.

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Digital Transformation for architecture and engineering firms

Clients Don't Want Architects, Engineers Or Consultants. They Want The Outcomes You Bring.

Digital transformation is a top challenge for the AEC sector. With the help of industry partners, our recent London event set out to help leaders gain perspective, provoke a new way of thinking, and spark planning and action. Read the key takeaways from the day.

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advantages of PSA software

7 Key Benefits of PSA Software

Read more about the 7 key benefits of PSA software and how it can make a tangible difference to your firms bottom line and operational efficiency

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Keeping tabs on your business with PSA software

Keeping Tabs On Your Business With PSA Software

Find out more as we look into the advantages of PSA software and how it can help you keep your business on track

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What is PSA software and how does it work

What Is PSA Software And How Does It Work?

Find out what PSA software is and how Professional Services Automation software can make it easier to tackle issues and ensure your business is running smoothly

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Marketing Services Trends

New Paths To Success: A Look At Marketing Services Industry Trends In 2017

The marketing services industry experienced a hugely tumultuous year in 2016. In 2017 the differentiator will be how well agencies develop new techniques and ways of working to cope. Read more about what’s in store for the marketing services industry in 2017

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Legal sector trends

Partnering For Success: A View Of Legal Sector Trends In 2017

Despite being viewed as a traditionally conservative industry, the legal sector is not immune to trends or client demands. Read about challenges and expectations for the legal sector in 2017

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trends in management consulting

Key Challenges For Management Consultancies in 2017

Management consulting is defined by its client’s needs – as they change, so must the industry. Find out what’s in store for management consultancies in the year ahead.

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IT consulting trends

The Changing Face Of IT Consulting In 2017

IT consulting is no longer solely about infrastructure and technical support, instead there is a real focus on what is going to achieve business growth. Find out what else 2017 holds for IT consultancies

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future of architecture

Driving Success In The Architecture & Engineering Industry In 2017

Find out how the industry is bouncing back from its year of uncertainty and read more about the latest trends in the architecture and consulting engineering market

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Discover How To Really Understand Your Business

This video blog from Deltek discusses why it is important for consultancy firms to have key operating metrics in place, why it’s important to measure resource utilisation rates, how historical data can support future projects and more.

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How To Grow Your Business And Keep Your Profit Levels High

Learn how you can maintain consistent profit levels in your business without restricting opportunities for growth.

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4 Tips That Will Help You Achieve Financial Success

Understanding your business' financial past can help you to create a more profitable future. Here are four things you should consider to enable success at your firm.

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The Changing Role Of The CFO: What You Need To Know

The role of the CFO is changing in many business. Use the best practice tips shared in this infographic to make sure you stay on top of the change.

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Pitfalls AEC businesses need to avoid

4 Ways AEC Businesses Are Putting Themselves at Risk

As a business operating in the construction industry, you will have noticed that the landscape is becoming more competitive, and in some ways harder to navigate. In this blog we discuss the pitfalls you need to avoid

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How to select ERP

Top 5 Tips You Should Know On How To Select ERP Software

In this blog we give you the top 5 tips for you to consider when selecting ERP software for your project-based business.

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advantages of cloud erp

The 6 Cloud ERP Benefits You Need To Know

In this blog we discuss 6 key advantages cloud ERP software has over traditional on premise ERP.

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professional services automation software for consulting firms

Secure Growth By Following In The Footsteps Of The Top Consultancy Firms

Professional Services Automation software can give you the visibility and control you need over your number one revenue generator - your projects.

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implementing ERP

9 Ways To Ensure ERP Implementation Success

Based on more than 20 years of experience implementing ERP solutions in the professional services industry, we’ve gathered nine must-read tips that will ensure your success when adopting a new ERP solution.

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tips to become a digital transformer

How To Become A 'Digital Transformer' In Your Business

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How To Make Time Recording Easier With Project ERP

How To Make Time Recording Easier With Project ERP

Timesheets. A thorn in the side of every professional services firm and worker alike. From the company's point of view they are fundamental when it comes to reclaiming that all important revenue

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Using A Project ERP System To Plan A Project

Using A Project ERP System To Plan A Project

If you're celebrating winning that plum project you've been working so hard on in recent weeks, then, congratulations! Exciting times are ahead.

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Project ERP vs Generic ERP - just what is the difference?

Project ERP vs Generic ERP - Just What Is The Difference?

You've heard of ERP. You may even know a bit about the benefits the right system can bring in terms of efficiency and profitability. But do you know the differences between a generic and a project-based ERP platform?

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Why PS firms should align talent management with business objectives

Why PS Firms Should Align Talent Management With Business Objectives

With high-flying talent so valuable - and so scarce - you'll therefore want to do everything you can to hold onto your best people and get the best out of your team. But is your talent management programme effective enough? Is it taking into account the 'bigger picture'?

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Mastering Project KPIs With Business Intelligence Software

Mastering Project KPIs With Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence - or BI - is a term used for a number of approaches that are designed to gather, store, analyse and provide access to meaningful and insightful data. This data, in turn, is used to make better fact-based business decisions.

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The 5 Components Of ERP Software You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the interface of an ERP platform to make it the robust, centralised business tool that it is? If so, then you may be interested to know that there are five main components that make up a typical ERP system

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What Is ERP?

What Is ERP And Why Do Businesses Use It?

ERP is an acronym that is often banded about in business - especially when it comes to project management. But what is it and how are businesses using it to their advantage?

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3 KPIs Every Project Manager Needs To Measure

KPIs For Project Managers: Here's What You Need To Measure

Discover the three metrics that every Project Manager or COO needs to know – we’ll tell you what they are and how to measure them.

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4 KPIs Every CFO Needs To Measure

CFO KPIs - The 4 Metrics You Need To Measure

4 metrics that every CFO or Finance Director needs to know – we’ll tell you what they are and how to measure them.

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How To Manage People, Projects, And Profitability

In the business world everyone answers to someone and will at times face difficult questions. Even when things are going smoothly in your business often drilldown questions can be difficult

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Feeling like you’re caught with your pants down when you’re asked tough questions by the board?

Are KPIs Driving You To Despair?

Learn how to answer the tough questions that CEOs of Pofessional Services firms face

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How Professional Services Organisations Can Improve Cash Flow and Profit Margins

Stop Worrying About Cash Flow And Profit Margins

This is how CFOs should answer the tough questions they face from their CEO

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Feeling like you’re caught with your pants down when facing tough questions from management?

Do You Know How To Build the Perfect Project Management Dashboard?

Tracking all of the variables in a typical project can seem like a daunting task. As with any undertaking of this magnitude, it’s best to start by determining exactly what it is you need to track.

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Feeling like you’re caught with your pants down when you’re asked tough questions by management?

Stop Stressing Out About Project Management

How do you respond when your CEO asks tough questions about your teams processes and performance?

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How to Manage Your People from Hire to Retire

How Are You Managing Your People From Hire To Retire?

Learn how a talent management system can help you to manage the entire employee lifecycle

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Feeling like you’re caught with your pants down when you’re asked tough questions by management?

Are You Managing Your Resources Effectively?

On the surface things seem to be going well - Executive management thinks you’re doing a great job as a resource planner. You’re feeling pretty good at the quarterly operations review until you get the following questions from management...

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