Neil Davidson, VP Of Enterprise On The Terminator, AI And ‘Smart Working’ For The Firms Of The Future

Posted by Neil Davidson on March 21, 2019

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Bored on a plane, I watched Terminator. The line ‘T-X is faster, more powerful and more intelligent’ took on a different meaning this time around. AI and Machine learning are doing great things, hopefully there are some aspects of human intelligence that will remain ours alone.

Technology has revolutionised the way in which professional service firms perform their tasks and many of our clients have been able to adopt radically new ideas thanks to the vision of their CEO’s. Our partnerships allow us to translate their strategy into effective execution.

The next generation are interested in ‘smart working’. In this new technological era they expect to be able to communicate with their colleagues wherever they are and whenever they choose and that freedom comes with the right technology. And now generation Z want to work for companies that have a clear mission, and their roles need to be integral toward delivering against those.

As a company, Deltek are ensuring their clients are fully able to tap into machine learning and AI. Deltek’s next generation Cloud based ERP provides stability, security, operational efficiencies and compliance. However, our platform also supports our project centric clients with big data, automating transactional activities, robotics, AI and machine learning, as long as our clients are ready to embrace them.

Firms of the future have to get the basics right. We never underestimate the importance of change management, training and data migration when it comes to ERP implementation. These are key in the planning stage and hugely reduce risk during the go live transition. The results always show the reward for the effort and investment that we and our clients put into these activities.

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to robotics. Some say it will displace more jobs than it creates whilst others say we can move into the future harmoniously. I sit somewhere in the middle and I think there’s going to be a great deal of collaboration between machines and us humans to really learn from one another. For example at Deltek, it remains imperative that alongside our own technological advancements and achievements, we continue to build strong, long lasting relationships. That we pay close attention to the organisational language, strategy, and focus of our clients in order for them to achieve their most important project goals.

Working in technology should give us a license to ask outrageous questions. Because making the leap from one technological advancement to the next requires purposeful innovation. The landscape is evolving so quickly that we are constantly in discussion about what’s coming next. Ensuring we have a strong partnership with our clients allows room for us to innovate and bid “hasta la vista baby” to the competition.


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