Project Control And Accelerated Delivery - The Power Of A PIM Strategy For AEC Firms

Posted by Jack Alford on January 19, 2018

Project Control

The pace of the construction industry is increasing. Projects are bigger and more complicated than ever, and client expectations are always on the rise. The demands of these projects are also increasing, not only are deadlines tighter but the responsibility is on businesses to keep track of all the corresponding project information or put themselves at risk should anything go awry. These demands are tough, and are made even tougher if you don’t have the right technology or processes in place to ensure project control.

Utilising the right technology has become vital for project success, and it’s easy to see why, just consider how many people are involved in a single project. In the modern era, it’s expected that every one of these people be able to access information quickly, and remotely if necessary. In addition, they should have the assurance that the contract, document or drawing they require is the latest version, or risk making decisions based on outdated information.


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How VolkerWessels ensure project control



The Risks For AEC Businesses Are Increasing

Project Risk

There are significant risks to the businesses that don’t have the right information and document management controls in place. It’s likely your staff will be working from different, possibly outdated versions, of the same document. Or even if they do have the latest version, without a centralised location to store and share this document, these files are probably saved locally or even held as hard copies. This results in data duplication, increases the likelihood of incorrect versions being used in the future and can result in the loss of vital information. When we consider the sheer volume of information stored on a project today, which will continue to rise, this is becoming increasingly costly and time consuming.

Perhaps the most concerning risk of all would be if a dispute were to arise. Without the right technology in place providing the proper governance for your business and its projects, are you able to retrieve that all important email or document to settle a dispute? Perhaps you are, but only after hours or even days of searching through various yellow folder structures or across unwieldy web drives.

The simple fact is, there is construction-specific technology that has been designed to mitigate this risk, cut these inefficiencies, ensure project control and help your business increase profitability. While getting this right may not have seemed like a priority in the past, it is becoming increasingly vital as we all head towards a digital future.

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Remastering The Future With The CIOB And VolkerWessels UK

Project Delivery

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), recently launched their programme ‘Remastering the Future’, where they explore the opportunities, challenges and future of the UK construction industry. As part of the programme Deltek was lucky enough to spend some time with multidisciplinary contractor, VolkerWessels UK, discussing how implementing information controls and processes using Deltek PIM has led to reduced risk, increased efficiency and accelerated their project delivery.

We confirmed just how crucial it is for the organisation, and the industry as a whole, to be efficient and streamlined in its approach to project management. At any one time the organisation can have up to 120 projects on the go, with around 100 people involved across various locations; on site, in the office or at home. With the cost of error so high, it was paramount to invest in the right technology and processes to help the business maximise profitability and ensure project control.

Watch the segment to hear directly from senior members of the VolkerWessels UK management team and learn how technology has helped them succeed.


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How VolkerWessels accelerate project delivery and ensure project control with PIM

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