If Your Business Is Built On Spreadsheets, You Need To Read This...

Posted by Simon Montague on July 28, 2014

if your business is built on spreadsheets

How you know it’s time to trade in your spreadsheets for a true fit-for-purpose ERP business system to maximise productivity and profits.

Most new businesses will use spreadsheets to organise and record their business processes, but when do companies reach the point when they have become too big or complex to be managed on spreadsheets alone? Research shows that businesses combine an average of 5 spreadsheets which can make collecting information for reports a cumbersome and lengthy process.

So how do you know if your Professional Services business has become too complex for spreadsheets and could you benefit from implementing an ERP business system? Our Uberflip looks at the pros and cons of continuing to use spreadsheets and where an ERP business system can improve efficiency and profitability.

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