ConceptShare Online Proofing for Agencies Using Jira

October 20, 2021
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Agencies are struggling to deliver more content, at faster speeds, with less budget, which makes it critical that the production process be as efficient as possible. That’s why more teams are adopting agile methodologies for delivering creative work more efficiently. But for Creative Teams using Jira to manage the production process, when reviews and approvals are still being managed outside their agile workflow via email chains and printouts, any efficiencies gained before the review phase can quickly get lost in the review and approval (R&A) black hole.

Up to 80% of the entire production cycle can get lost here because of excessive time wasted chasing reviewers, deciphering feedback, combing endless email chains and unnecessary rework. That’s why it’s crucial for the review and approval process to integrate with Jira’s project management workflow, or these teams risk delivery delays and unnecessary costs.

ConceptShare allows your Jira team to maintain the integrity and efficiency of their agile workflow by integrating the R&A process into their existing project management tool.

Deltek ConceptShare is an online proofing solution that streamlines the review and approval process by integrating with Jira to centralize communication, facilitate collaboration and increase productivity so your team can deliver more content faster and at less cost.

By integrating your R&A cycle into Jira, your team can now manage the entire project lifecycle within a fully integrated workflow.

ConceptShare Jira Cathys Compliance REview

And ConceptShare allows you to invite the entire review team, regardless of their Jira access or training, to give feedback and approvals quickly and easily.

ConceptShare Feedback

Project Managers and Coordinators can mitigate scope creep and be confident the right steps are being taken in the right order by building a Review Chain of internal and external review rounds from the very beginning.

ConceptShare Jira Review Chain

And they can get visibility into all reviews and change Review status directly from within Jira. This allows your creative team to streamline the review cycle and reduce the costs associated with delays and unnecessary rework, from within their current Jira workflow.

ConceptShare Version Compare

“We worked hard to refine our Jira workflow, and ConceptShare allowed us to integrate online proofing so that we could eliminate the frustrations of physical routing, and digitally track documents under review and the status of the overall Jira ticket in the same place.”

Dana Cunningham, Sr. Digital Producer, The JRT Agency

With ConceptShare for Jira you can:

  • Accelerate the review cycle and streamline the entire production process within your existing agile workflow
  • Control Production Costs and Reduce Unnecessary Rework with Clear, Actionable Feedback
  • Mitigate Scope Creep by building Review Chains from the start
  • Make collaboration easier by allowing reviewers to leave comments within Jira – no training or Jira access required

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