Deltek Unveils Acumen Touchstone at Deltek Insight 2019

Deltek showcases the first solution of its next gen PPM suite for Insight

Orlando, FL – November 19, 2019 – Deltek, the leading global provider of software and information solutions for project-based businesses, unveiled Acumen Touchstone today at Deltek Insight 2019 – the first product in the next generation of Deltek’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools and a key step towards the Project Intelligence Cloud (PIC).

The Project Intelligence Cloud is a technology refresh designed to solidify Deltek as the industry leader in the PPM space. This web based technology will ultimately have many functions designed for project-based business, including cost, schedule and risk management, analytics and workflow.

Three of the key benefits of Deltek Acumen Touchstone include:

  • Complete automation of the project schedule process – Managing project schedules is an exhaustive and expensive activity. With Acumen Touchstone, all schedule submissions are automatically analyzed based on a company’s metrics, best practices and quality standards. If it does not meet the required standard, the submitter is automatically emailed a report showing the metric score and deficiencies to be corrected. The submitter then has the ability to make the necessary changes and resubmit – as many times as needed.
  • Configuration management, putting schedules within easy reach – Working from the most recent, official version of a schedule is a must, or any analysis done is wasted. Acumen Touchstone offers configuration management putting every schedule, by period, at the user’s fingertips. The ability to pull the correct version of the schedule at any time significantly minimizes mistakes, while saving time and resources.
  • Status visibility, helping to reduce errors and deliver successful projects – Acumen Touchstone provides a snapshot view for each project that easily identifies submitted and missing schedules. The ability to proactively reach out to missing submitters, instead of finding out too late, prevents negative impacts on a project’s performance.

“Managing the many subcontractor, vendor and internal schedules across a large project is a time consuming, labor-intensive and costly process,” said Warren Linscott, SVP of Product Strategy at Deltek. “Then multiply that issue across multiple projects the organization is working on and you’re spending hours and hours just managing schedule quality and risk. Acumen Touchstone solves this problem and helps power project success using our own schedule diagnostic A.I. to take the burden of reviewing every schedule for quality and deliverability off our customers’ shoulders. Instead of spending valuable resources on validating every schedule submittal, our customers can spend their time managing and analyzing projects and programs, giving them the competitive edge they need.”

Read more about Acumen Touchstone on Deltek Project Nation.

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