Deltek Announces Completion of GovWin+Onvia Integration Into One Platform, Delivering the Most Complete Source of Public Sector Market Intelligence

Deltek has completed the integration of Onvia into GovWin IQ and achieved several milestones to improve the user experience

HERNDON, Va. – October 16, 2018 – Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, announced today the completion of the integration of Onvia and GovWininto a single platform on Less than one year after acquiring Seattle-based Onvia, theintegration of Onvia into the GovWin IQ platform now provides customers with the most comprehensive market intelligence on both the Federal and SLED (state, local, and education) markets. In addition to the product integration, other improvements made to the GovWin platform over the past months include enhanced SLED breadth and depth of coverage, augmented ability to search for relevant opportunities, and new ways to organize and share qualified projects. 

“Knowledge is power, and GovWin+Onvia is a critical resource for us in developing and refining our long-term growth strategy. Most importantly, the research is not presented just as a snapshot in time—the reports track year-over-year changes in key indicators and provide a longitudinal view of trends impacting the SLED market,” said David J. Akers, President and CEO of Sourcing Alliance.

GovWin has hit a number of key milestones as it continues to improve the user experience for its customer base:

  • Completed the addition of Onvia data into GovWin IQ, including a 50% increase in overall SLED bid volume and the addition of amendments to SLED government contracting opportunities
  • Released GovWin Smart Tags, allowing customers to build a more comprehensive and personalized search, discover relevant leads more efficiently, and reduce missed opportunities
  • Developed numerous additional product features, including inbox functionality to help users save time and organize projects, and improvements to Contract Award search

“By combining the leading providers of intelligence on the Federal and SLED markets, we have made it easier for businesses to create a comprehensive, holistic public sector sales strategy and provide tangible leads and opportunities to create pipeline,” said Kevin Plexico, Senior VP of Information Solutions at Deltek. “With GovWin+Onvia, businesses can find the broadest and best-fitting range of government buyers for their products and services, no matter the size of their company or what type of product they offer.”

“When we set our sights on acquiring Onvia in 2017, we already had a vision of how this would transform our Information Solutions business and how it would benefit our customers. The GovWin IQ business is a critical part of our strategy to help project-based businesses grow and succeed. With the integration of Onvia and improvements to its overall user experience, GovWin IQ is better than ever. We are excited to offer our clients the most complete federal, state, local and education market intelligence tool available,” said Mike Corkery, President & CEO at Deltek. 

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