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improve profit margins and reduce costs

Work Together To Improve Your Margins

Discover how Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can help your Professional Services firm work together to improve profit margins and reduce costs.

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invest in technology to support business growth

Investing In Technology To Support Business Growth

CFOs are keeping a close eye on the balance sheet and every purchasing decision needs to be carefully analysed and justified. One of the most painful expenses of all can be technology, but there are substantial business benefits to be gained by investing in the right technology.

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become a strategic cfo

How To Become A Strategic Partner For Your Business

Being more strategic is increasingly important as CFOs move from being transactional holders of the purse strings to being business partners who deliver insights and guidance to the greater business.

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improve back-office efficiency

How To Improve Back-Office Efficiency

CFOs can improve their back office efficiency by closely examining their existing processes and making incremental changes that will reap greater benefits for the entire finance team.

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operational wizz to strategic visionary

Moving From Operational Wizz To Strategic Visionary

The role of CFO is increasingly changing from operational to strategic planning. In this blog, Deltek UK's Senior Director of Finance explains how CFOs can deliver the business transformation required to enable a strategic finance function.

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