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Happy and engaged employees talking

4 Reasons Project-Based Businesses Should Measure Employee Engagement

Project-based businesses are all about the people ‘in’ the business, and understanding whether their employees are fully involved and enthusiastic about their work and the organisation involves many things. But a great place to start is with an engagement survey.

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Three areas consultancy firms should be focusing on in 2021 - as told by industry leaders

In this blog we focus on three areas that consultancy firms may want to consider in order to prepare for the next-normal, namely; productive data; a network of empowered teams, and agile principles.

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Modern ERP Deltek

Enterprise Agility With Postmodern ERP Is Key To Unlocking Success

Being agile is vital for professional services firms of all sizes, but most notably large enterprises, for the simple reason that if they fail to meet the expectations of their clients, there are plenty of predatory competitors all vying for the work.

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It’s Hard To Separate Culture From Technology

It’s Hard To Separate Culture From Technology

Having the right technology can help companies to ingrain their culture throughout the organisation.

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Agencies Face Scope Creep Challenges

The Results Are In...Survey Says: Agencies Face Scope Creep Challenges

Scope Creep has been identified as one of the biggest factors in the decline of profits in the Marketing and Communications industry. How are you managing it?

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Why KPIs are just as important as budgets in Professional Services firms

Why KPIs Are Just As Important As Budgets In Professional Services Firms

Discover why business KPI management is becoming essential to measuring your company’s value and how enterprise resource planning software can help.

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align your business systems for global growth

Aligning Your Business Systems For Global Growth

Discover what you need to consider when aligning your business systems for global growth.

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operating profit margin

Profit Margin: End Goal Or Outcome?

Financial goals and objectives are achievable when you analyse, plan and implement integrated strategies by allocating the most appropriate resources.

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running a global professional services firm

Why Running A Global Professional Services Business Shouldn't Be A Game of 'Whac-A-Mole'

Learn why Running A Global Professional Services Business Shouldn't Be A Game of 'Whac-A-Mole'

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Are Legacy Systems Costing Businesses A Fortune?

Legacy systems may be holding businesses back. Updating your ERP system will improve financial control and project visibility and enable your business to achieve growth targets.

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