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Transform the way your agency performs

A more profitable agency for today and tomorrow.

It's a tough time for marketing and creative agencies. Gone are the days of enormous agency-of-record contracts and retainers. The emergence of digital media has opened up advertising avenues but also sped up turnaround times. And the prevalence of project-based partnerships means agencies can no longer take short term losses for long term gains. In short, agencies are being asked to do more with less. That's where Deltek can help.

Agencies that embrace Deltek solutions such as TrafficLIVE gain complete visibility into everything going on at the company — across all services. You'll be able to schedule the right resources to the right projects at the right time. You'll gain a true understanding of your project costs versus billing amounts to limit over-servicing and ensure profitability. Your agency will be focused on the most profitable clients and projects and always prepared for what comes next.

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