Management & IT Consulting

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For management and IT consulting firms, delivering projects on time and on budget while exceeding client expectations leads to profitable growth. But, staffing changes, shifting client expectations and tighter margins make it difficult to grow profitably. Is your lack of accurate project and client data holding you back from becoming the consulting firm you want to be?

Deltek understands the challenges consulting firms face and provides project-based solutions that help your firm succeed at every step in the client lifecycle. With one integrated business management tool, you can put your clients at the center of your business and have one reliable version of the truth.

Deltek gives you all the tools you need to keep the entire project lifecycle moving.

  • Improve margins
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Increase utilization
  • Nurture client relationships
  • Make more informed decisions

Focus on your actual business and have the data you need to price competitively and protect your margins.


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