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  • 1 - M&A Trends and Practices in the AE Industry

    Karl Wohler of PSMJ’s M&A team shares best practices and trends in the A&E industry.

  • 2 - 2016 Compliance Conclusions & New Administration Outlook

    Get insights from key industry experts who are in the trenches with contracting compliance issues and trends every day during 2016 Compliance Conclusions & New Administration Outlook. This free virtual roundtable will review the implications of compliance mandates that came into play during 2016, as well as look ahead to what contractors can...

  • 3 - ERP Software for Healthcare

    Every year, healthcare spending in the U.S. alone exceeds 3.8 trillion dollars. In the next 10 years, that number is projected to grow another 5.8%. With this level of spending in the industry, it's imperative that private healthcare insurance providers, healthcare services firms, medicare administration contractors, IT firms and other service...

  • 4 - ERP Software for Government Contracting

    99 of the top 100 government contractors work with Deltek

    Deltek ERP for Government Contractors has a strong heritage of understanding the intricacies of government contracts. Over the years we've expanded our expertise into every stage of the project lifecycle.

    Deltek ERP has the tools that help any company, irrespective of size or vertical,...

  • 5 - ERP for Aerospace & Defense

    Whether you need to manage costs, globally streamline organizational practices, or ensure your business is government compliant, Deltek ERP solution for Aerospace and Defense can provide the support necessary to improve your business processes. With an integrated suite of products developed specifically for commercial and government contractors,...

  • 6 - Project Management for Architecture and Engineering

    Whether it is winning new projects, recruiting top talent, delivering exceptional projects or forecasting next quarter’s financial performance, Architecture and Engineering firms are constantly looking ahead. Demand for infrastructure construction, enhancement, maintenance, and improvements will continue to rise, while extending the life of useful ...

  • 7 - User Group Meetings

    Get information on industry trends, new product features and how to improve your business processes - all from the convenience of your office.

  • 8 - Vision CRM User Groups

  • 9 - Cobra User Groups

  • 10 - wInsight User Groups

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