WorkBook CRM & Pipeline Management

Take the anxiety out of feeding a project-based funnel by integrating all of your CRM and pipeline management activities into one, mobile tool.

Key Features

Centralize Team & Client Communications

  • Save important emails and documents to the appropriate client and pipeline
  • Stay connected to your team from anywhere with the free WorkBook Collaboration App
  • Add the Client Portal to centralize client communications and reduce emails

Manage Contacts & Activities

  • Easily enter prospects and contacts
  • Add Calendar & Email Integration to sync your contacts and emails from Google or Outlook
  • Schedule activities and assign follow-up tasks with automated reminders

Manage Leads & Pipelines

  • Assign probabilities and weighted revenue to pipelines in order to inform potential agency cash flow
  • Convert a pipeline to a job to begin tracking hours as early as the quotation stage
  • Import lead data by integrating with email marketing software tools via an open API

Turn Insight into Action

  • Build more accurate quotes based on historical project data
  • Identify when your agency can and should take on more work
  • Get valuable insight on which projects are most profitable for your agency to pursue

Other Modules

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Finance & Accounting >

*Deltek: Insight to Action: The future of the Professional Services Industry, 2018.

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