Deltek Resource Planning

Get the right resources on the right project at the right time

Optimize Utilization

Are some of your resources looking for work while others are burnt out and overloaded?

  • Select teams and assign multiple resources to multiple tasks.
  • Make sure your resources are utilized effectively and are on the right projects at the right time.
  • Optimize and balance resource assignments across the team.

Project Visibility Starting at the Opportunity Stage

Get a complete picture of all of your project and resource needs, including projects in the pipeline.

  • Start creating plans for anticipated projects.
  • Build WBS structure.
  • Set schedules.
  • Build and save proposed team.
  • Use generic placeholders.
  • Understand possible impact to other projects.
  • Forecast resources needed on projects in the pipeline.

Find the Right Resources Quickly

Broadly searching for resources requires a lot of effort to find the perfect fit.

  • With dynamic searching, you can search for resources easily by skills, labor category, title, professional certifications and more.
  • Search these criteria on their own or by multiple criteria for an even more targeted list of possible resources.
  • Assign all the resources selected at the same time.

Manage Projects and Resources Anytime, Anywhere

Project and resource managers are on the go and need easy access to information they can use to make adjustments and plan accordingly.

  • Access from any internet connection.
  • Works on your preferred device - workstation, laptop or tablet.